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Sunday, March 7, 2021

勞牢 Rorschach Test_ECOF

My younger self was like a mirror, it reflected the worst of what people instilled in me.  The benefit of aging(WISDOM?) is manifested in the form of an emotion filtration system, repolymerizing negativity into rejuvenation.  My ECOF(still sounds like swearing?) is the weekend homemade dim sum.  The more stressful work is Monday to Friday, the more daunting culinary tasks I take on during the weekend.

'勞'騷還是'牢'騷?  敝人中文每況愈下, 不時張冠李戴, 勞動階級憂心費力, 為五斗米折腰, 如身陷囹䦜, 勞牢通用也; 想深一層, 心鎖永遠自設.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

犇年 Matador

Although I am not a cynic, I am skeptical by nature and holiday greetings irk me with superfluous sentimentality.  Converted in year 2020, carpe diem.  Let your family and friends know how much you care.  My fondest Lunar New Year memories were delicious foods my grandma prepared and ink paintings of the zodiac, the art that my grandpa inspired in me.  Happy New Year of the Golden Ox!
虛妄的2020, 多變庚子鼠年疫病瘋魔, 能撐至辛丑牛年, 感慨外是感懷生命種種溫情.  WFH免卻通勤, 日日節省下來寸寸光陰豈可浪費, 無事忙LK農曆春節前兩星期家廚密集實驗, 自製蜜餞菓粿糕點, 居然有模有樣.  天天傳給團隊們共賞, 人人讚美:  LK果然學究精神, 米其林私房菜了這都?! 

Sunday, January 17, 2021

童心 Miss LK's Rhapsody 12th Anniversary

While MarieKondo-ing my home office over the holidays, I discovered a box of letters, notes and postcards from the past. Many dated all the way back to my academic years and gratefully the fellowship remains until this day.  A letter from Professor S resurfaced just in time, a window to her soul inspiring our 'LITTLE' book league.  Am I really that brilliant as in Professor S' praises?  Don't be silly.

整個年假, 圍繞灶爐團團轉, 雖說LK髪長如魔戒中的精靈王或白袍巫師, 嗜好則近似哈比, 愛吃喝愛蝸居愛舒適.  讀WSJ報導研究所老同學的文章, 像中人眼神沈斂風采蒼桑, 與當年俏麗模樣ㄧ時連不上, 不驚自覺, 她若突見今時的我, 大抵有同樣感慨.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

明珠 The Year of Lost&Found

In my youthful years, strangers(little kids) used to point at me and called me Mulan enthusiastically while their parents panicked and apologized.  Nothing to offer apologies for…  I am honored to be seen as a warrior.  That positive sentiment no longer holds its ground thanks to the latest Disney rendition.  Mulan 2020 was an unfortunate mix of cultural stigma and lazy storytelling.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… wrapping up gifts for my team.  The devil is in the peppermint red and white swirl twine!


父親故鄉產珍珠從小讀滄海月明珠有淚’, 對山海經博物誌的鮫人泣珠充滿遐想.  結婚時父親母親公婆與眾長輩相贈的珍珠手飾因貴重且LK不擅珠光寶氣沈睡銀行保險箱多年.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

挑燈 Mischief Managed

An unsettling month of anxiety and depression from reading news or refreshing news feed very five minutes has come to a positive end.  USA needs a soulful recovery from the pandemic and we must learn to bridge a chasm of polarity. 

Home office 2.0 - old sketches, fresh bay leaf wreath, my pet Phalaenopsis and Microlepia strigosa.


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