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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The Colorist

Another month flew by that I found myself overworked and not spending enough time to reflect.  Words will come later for this post but for now… colors first.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

十三聲 There’s Something about Autumn

Happy Halloween!

Once upon a time my father wanted me to become a surgeon like him.  While I have been rather dexterous with any tool with a pointy end, I chose a pen in the end. It forges words that could cut or heal.

聰明伶俐的黃蓉, 為師者夢昧以求的學生, 舉一反三, 教授起來多麼有成就感; 反之, 扶不起的阿斗, 相父大抵嘔血團隊某新進設計師, 議薪時態度老練, 真做起事, 木頭木腦, 愈教愈笨.  LK開始懷疑, 是否敵方派來臥底? 要把我活活氣死!

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

半晝秋分 Equinox, Reflection, and Old Friends

After a whirlwind homecoming to Taipei, followed by an onslaught of work crises, the home front matched its theatricality with a porn watching glum(still, after all that screen time?) teenage son trying to study for the SAT.  Life’s twist, huh?

忽冷忽熱的極端氣候, 整天瞎忙如轉陀螺, 頓想起年少時讀的黑色美學漫畫惡魔人深邃美麗的亞細亞’, 主軸皆是弱肉強食, 求存活不外乎結盟並吞同化.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

居無竹, 人俗 The Index of Speculative Architecture

Nothing escapes politics.  From strolling around the quaint alleys of Taipei to reading about tensions in the Taiwan Strait and Pelosi’s delegation, how does Chinese diaspora from Taiwan navigate the chaotic ambiguity?

No. 1:  Futuristic condo stood akimbo in juxtaposition to traditional incense permeated temples within Taipei.  新舊之間的台北空中園景公寓和在地神祇廟宇.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

香惆 Happenstance

After the month long sojourn in Taipei, I stepped into a scene of GOT returning to work.  Welcome back to the reality or...  surreality!  Power play is at the core of psychology, dominance and submission.  Canines piss, felines hiss… and the homo sapiens?  The contortion between smiling and sneering resulted in the epidemic of hypocrisy.  Never an orator, I reconstruct my reality in the drawing.   

這趟台北行多年來待最久的一次, 也是首度, 略可想像, 若返鄉長居, 未必不可能.

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