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Friday, December 23, 2011

祝福 What A Difference A Day Makes

十二月迄今只有ㄧ篇網誌?! 實在散漫的不像話, 那天出遊LK先生隨手拍了這張LK版的The King and I頗有意境, 後製為聖誕卡片聊表深深的祝福, 我ㄧ直鍾愛Dinah Washington的爵士名曲What A Difference A Day Makes, 溫柔的歌辭當不限詮釋愛情. 友情, 親情, 生命裏所有的善意都值得感謝, 給身旁的人ㄧ個微笑ㄧ個吻吧!
2011 has been tough, very tough on the personal front but the greatest learning is to be kind, be brave, and be generous!!!  I promise to kiss my beloved little V a hundred times a day(oh, I do spank him when the imp acts up, too - his or mine? hmmm…) so even if the world ends soon according to the ancient Mayan prophecy, I would have relished millions of bliss already.  Merry Christmas&Happy New Year to all!!!

Yes, the difference is you :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

節慶症後群 1.01 The Holiday Affairs

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Dear Santa,

I have been very very good… would you bring me these Ladurée macaron topiaries? Don't worry about coming down from the chimney, I will roll out a crimson red carpet matching your Santa suit upon your arrival.

Yours truly

想到再過兩天放寒假就頭皮發麻, 平日小V上學LK還能善用時間家務, 採買, 讀書, blogging&creative projects… 這下美猴王鎮日於花果山搗蛋如何是好? 或許母子倆該同上假日音樂班發洩過盛精力腦力, 不至相看兩厭總成仇. 格友Echo留言提及舊金山的冬日早晨抱貓取暖(啊, 我也曾有這樣的好時光!) 週末逛街時看見這張貓咪們簇擁派對女王的時尚海報不禁會心微笑, 想到上了貓天堂三年的Sapphire
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