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Sunday, April 17, 2016

魔鬼的交易 Lucifer

這幾個月, 走的是險峰, Lord of The Rings故事裏的Frodo匍匐前進, 等到達火焰山頂, 一轉身欲將指環據為己有前陣子心心念念'衣沾不足惜, 但使願無為', 當人事命令快遞, 我連串反應如老謀深算的政客, 演技直逼金像獎得主自認豁達如張良, 其實顫競似蕭何, 接受道賀時再平靜不過, 可見靈魂暗角的某個自己, 早選擇與我分道揚鑣.
image credit:  ARC
Gustave Moreau 1826-1898
LK:  'Hey, you, see the bright spot above my head?'

My name is Lucifer.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

失意與詩意 Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame

English title inspired by Charles Bukowski's collection of poems.

Rather, I am burning in creativity and drowning in reality.  Meeting agendas, project deadlines, running between the office and home… OLD HATS!  More than ever, it's not only the focus that I need to find, I must identify my locus.  Step one:  relax my mind in the nature.
這幾個月逼上梁山, 人人身挑數職, 割不正, 不食何況我向來吃飯慢, 急不得, 乾脆不吃剩得顴骨和眼睛, 似某種夜行動物, 所以… '嚥不下, 玉粒金波咽滿喉, 照不盡, 菱花鏡裡形容瘦'說的不是相思?
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