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Monday, July 28, 2014

私人放映室 In-flight Cinema

前陣子回新加坡渡假, 舊地重遊感觸良多, 待日後慢慢寫來.  長途旅行於耐性和體力皆是莫大考驗, 若說有任何附加值, 便是可名正言順當十幾個小時的沙發馬鈴薯: 累了倒頭睡, 餓了按鈕喚空姐備食.  失眠和看電影像手牽手吵嘴接吻的小情人… 極損精神健康, 然墮落的愛誰能抗拒?  此趟來回觀賞了六部電影:

Returned from a vacation in Singapore a while ago, I will definitely write about my tropical revelations later.  Before I forget, I want to jot down a few notes about my in-flight cinemarathon(and the accompanying meals on board), quite the saving grace!  My eastbound journey started with The Secret Life of Walter Mitty(rather fitting :).  Not sure if all the elements worked with the pensive daydreamer's daydreams, the self-help romantic crush, and a miraculous discovery of negative no. 25 but I found Kristen Wiig singing Space Oddity irresistible and the song kind of summed all up.
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty雖然超現實場景貫穿全片,
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