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Monday, May 25, 2015

我發誓 I Swear

movie poster from 'I Am Love' 

Okay, okay, the name of the movie is 'I AM Love'.  Occasionally the Chinese writing clashes with the English writing in my blog post.  It is tongue-in-cheek or schizophrenic, whichever you prefer.  I have been wanting to see this movie and saving it for that one, undisturbed afternoon when I could just absorb myself in it.  I LOVE Tilda Swinton.  Her unique features and distinct physique instantly create an otherworldly aura yet she morphs into the character, every character she is destined to embody.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

貝夫人 Madame Bijoux

The midlife crisis has finally, officially hit me - I spent x sum of money at Tiffany yesterday indulging myself with accessories from my favorite designer, Elsa Peretti!  I e-mailed Mr. LK who's traveling for business right now to see if he will reimburse me for the 'Mother's Day Gift' but met with silence.  Honey, at least I did not come home with a Lamborghini...  I have been a minimalist my whole life up to now; I am my own rock and nothing really turned my head.  It just happened that I came back exhausted from a whirlwind business trip to Asia(and then hubby traveled right the way), needed to tackle a tricky case as soon as I stepped into the office, and got downloaded a new project that really is just another big marketing charade.  I cannot help but to wonder… I must have a more important mission on this earth and what is it?  I am stopping right here or about to break out singing Les Miserables… 

Oh my friends, my friends, don't ask me
What your sacrifice was for
Empty chairs at empty tables
Where my friends will sing no more
I met several colorful characters during the trip, the perfect inspiration for my future career as a novelist :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

維多利亞 The Victoria Harbor

中國兵家必爭, 永遠是商旅重頭戲, 這幾年主力早放在深圳和東莞等工業城, 香港是意思意思, 兜個圈, 白頭宮女話當年.  當洲際飯店仍名麗晶時, 那全覽維多利亞海港的大廳很具派頭, 比起半島或拆前的淺水灣酒店多幾分洋氣... 現下亂哄哄, 彷彿精神錯亂的菜市場.  中國遊客忒多, 近來流行ㄧ式妝扮:  中分烏溜長直髪, 鮮紅櫻唇,, 若隱若現淺色半透明罩衫, 及大腿跟的超短褲... 不解風情如我, 亦驚駭這究竟是原始慾望還是瞎眼時尚?  那晚於洲際大廳要喚杯welcome drink, 迎面而來三三兩兩如此制式女郎, 其中ㄧ位略豐腴的高聲喊道: "我要尿尿!", 抑揚頓挫字正腔圓, 她大小姐勢如名模, 旁觀的我卻忍笑忍的(是, 該我要尿了).
There is only so long a landmark can rest on its old time glory.  The expiration of The InterContinental is about to come.  For 2/3 of the price, one can easily stay at the Four Seasons SZ and still take care of all business needs.  Be aware.
洲際早餐向來出名, 清晨入廳會見到法國人樣的經理全員訓話並姿姿整整水果的擺盤, 廳內我光顧多年的麵檔這次去竟改頭換面了... 本來有現做的雲吞麵, 魚蛋粉, 牛丸米線, 隨客人自搭. 現在大抵顧及主流觀光客, 乾脆簡易三分天下:  韓國麵, 中國麵, 日本麵.  碗盞之間聯合國縮影, 妥協的不只是那消失的地方口味, 而是對強權另類文攻武掠的低頭. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

市井新德里 The Best Exotic New Delhi

On our flight to New Delhi, a very chatty Singapore Airline steward kept cracking jokes to a cabin of weary travelers.  'Come on, it's New Delhi.  We made it!  I can spend like a king in the market.' he exclaimed theatrically in his Singlish.  I wanted to choke him.
I was humbled by what I saw in India often, the desolated ancient ruins, the intricate beyond belief craft, the sultry colors, the poverty stricken city patches... and people survived.

我喜歡香郁的印度香料奶茶, 亦入境隨俗於早餐時分嚐試當地烘餅佐鷹嘴豆泥, 常常豪邁的手抓喫食, 人會不會跟著隨興起來?  我本來就不是飯後攬鏡噘嘴塗艷紅唇膏的人才, 酒足飯飽傻笑兼打嗝頗自得其樂.

人是物非星洲咖哩雞飯 The Taste of Curry Chicken Rice in Singapore

I stopped by Singapore Changi Airport twice this trip, in transit from Manila to Jakarta and in transit from Jakarta to New Delhi.  What's my must do, must buy, must have in Changi?  A bowl of curry chicken rice and teh(milk tea) it was!  Perhaps the flavor profile of the local chicken rice has evolved,  I was left lost.
新加坡真真日新月異, 離開不過三年, 那想念的咖哩雞飯味道已變調, 或者, 回憶總是多幾分渴望的鮮辣.  朋友不解我為什麼如斯懷念新加坡, 其實我想念的是當年那個有點天真, 願意為愛情親情放下所有企圖心的自己.  現在的我開始老謀深算起來, 不時食不知味, 像亂世但不怎麼忠心的孤臣, 為自己的小謀略竟得意偷笑. 
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