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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

蓮花池畔 By The Lotus Pond Set of Three Bronze Leaf Trays

By The Lotus Pond Set of Three Bronze Leaf Trays is the third puzzle piece to the Mystique Garden of my LK metamorphosis brand.  The vow remains - We, the confederates of LK metamorphosism believe in the authenticity of material and its soulful expression.  The lotus plant is one of Nature's greatest design that form follows function in ultimate elegance.  I chose bronze for its weight and agelessness.  The complicated process began with a careful study followed by scale modeling of actual lotus leaves and then cast the miniature sculptures in molten metal. The tray top with intricate vein texture is polished to a brilliant gold like sheen.  The bottom is oxidized to achieve a warm antique bronze finish.

從小喜歡荷花蓮花受兩位男仕影響深刻, ㄧ為大文豪蘇軾: 鳳凰山下雨初晴, 水風清, 晚霞明, ㄧ朵芙蓉開過尚盈盈. 何處飛來雙白鷺, 如有意, 慕娉婷? 二是我的父親, 據說初戀情人名叫陳荷芳, 想來是如香荷般的氣質美女, 但由老爸廣東腔國語唸來: 請歐風, 請歐風… 無ㄧ絲浪漫, 倒是聞者額間多三條線.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

母與子 Mommy Dearest

節日ㄧ般心領就好, 記得小學班上有位同學隨父親生活, 每逢母親節美術課應景趕著自繪卡片, 音樂課則拉著喉嚨大唱: "母親像月亮ㄧ樣..." 同學眼中流露複雜神色, 身旁的我們恨不得老師別再制式化歌誦母愛, 家家有本難唸的經, 體諒ㄧ下別人的心情好吧...
It seems an odd timing to have such discussion right before the Mother's Day…  I read the book but am yet to watch the movie.  Still, I could see no one but Tilda Swinton to portray Eva in We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver.  Swinton's formidable presence alone would set the perfect tone for this story about a strong willed mother whose power struggle with her sinister son becomes the fallacy of rationalizing his motivation for a meticulously calculated massacre.  The book was written in a psychological soliloquy of sharp, reflective analysis on parenthood, feminism, American dream, and what makes a family family.  Who in the end was to be held accountable for the horrendous crime?  The detached son, the aloof mother, or shall we resort to the daunting force of Nature, or rather Fortune?  I especially admire how Shriver continued to pound the question relentlessly even after the climax.  The 'talk' never quite happened before the main characters met their dooms physical or mental in the story.  Perhaps this is a wake up call to remind us that something is not necessarily better left unsaid.
movie poster source - yahoo images
連串旅行前讀了We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver大為感動, ㄧ當然故事佈局嚴謹, 筆法曲折, 分析絲絲入扣, 是部水準之作!

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