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Thursday, February 23, 2012

禮物 A Chance At Happiness

A flower has unspoken powers.  Camellia speaks 'my destiny is in your hands' and edelweiss declares 'noble courage'.  I love fresh bouquets but ever since we moved to Singapore, I seemed to lost in touch with my flowers.  As I write in the memory of Sapphire, my dearest feline friend, through the reflections of recent reads below and the thoughts already put me in a garden of spring blooms.

愛貓Fifi的紀念文拖了許久才登場, 本來的構思是ㄧ奇幻極短篇, 然近處靈感枯水期, 反覆書寫常陷入茫然困境, 索性藉兩本書的討論說出我對老貓的懷念. A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff新年前後讀完, 印像已略略模糊…

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

恐怖情人節之 Truly Madly Deeply

網誌標題詭異,  可見愛書寫的人江郎才盡起來慘不忍睹,  然… 誰無沈潛的時日呢?   說不定寫著寫著,  希望就在眼前 :)
My experimental work of art from the itty bitty metal clay bought in Tokyo.

Truly, madly, deeply…

Monday, February 6, 2012

午后秘境 The Oasis Stamp Set

I decided to name my brand LK metamorphosism after the encounter with a Sphinx at the Left Bank in Paris last May.  The long story was that as a designer, I think myself as a mind merchant traveling through time, history, dreams…  Here is the much appreciated brief:  Functional Sculptures for Home and Art for Everyday Living!

The icons of the Oasis Stamp Set originated from the sketches in my travel journal… quick mental shots of beautiful retreats I have visited over the years.  Some images just kept coming back after the page was turned and long after my recollection started to fade.

Perhaps they wait to tell a story, if and only if invited by a special friend.
小小的印章組, 靈感來自旅行的幽然秘境. 長窗, 陽傘, 芭蕉, 竹椅… 誰曾任時光流逝於傘下窗前佇立?
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