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Thursday, April 30, 2015

蔓藤之旅 For The Love of Rattan from Jakarta to Cirebon

Growing up in Asia and now living in the Bay Area, I thought I have seen the worst of traffic until I visited Jakarta this time... And then we had to get up 4 AM in the morning to catch a slow train to Cirebon.
The scenery along the journey was both melancholily rural and deserted industrial.
整趟印尼行時不時冒出二戰電影似的畫面,從飛機直駛閘門的停機坪到破落泥屋與水稻田... 深切感到政府貪污無能,人民可憐絕望.  印尼菜鹹辣也不大對味,除了晨起的雞粥稍能溫脾.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

馬尼拉之夜 Last Night In Manila

名符其實的旅途中了.  於馬尼拉商務總是行色匆匆, 想著四月份部落格要開天窗, 換個隨走隨寫的方式也不錯.
Not knowing where I was, just sitting in the car in the gridlock traffic of Manila... What an interesting facade.
Ended the meetings slightly ahead of schedule so we decided to venture out from the hotel.  Blackbird, former international air terminal converted chic restaurant recommended by a local friend.

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