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Sunday, July 28, 2013

誰來晚餐 I'm Having An Old Friend for Dinner

The notoriety started years ago when I asked my boss at the time for a week off to go to Spain; I got the dinner reservation at El Bulli.  The love affair was not always ongoing.  I slipped in and out for other priorities in life.  What rekindled the recent passion remains unknown or it might just be a harmless summer fling :)
這兩個禮拜猶如蒐尋美食拼圖, 星期ㄧ信箱赫見校友雙月刊有史以來首部飲食專輯, 星期二喜收到V親筆簽名與Fish合著的'戀食人生', 星期三四五自有機農場預約的鴨胸鴨腿陸續送到家門口, 星期六砸重金訂購的兩張實木餐桌抵達(我再也無法忍受過去幾年跨國搬遷, 生活大小事makeshift的窘迫), 更甚者, 迷上Hannibal TV series, 集集吃人魔型男主廚華麗饗宴,

Saturday, July 13, 2013

人在江湖 Miss LK's Rhapsody 5th Anniversary

 Five years and two months ago I started this blog, rambling on and on about life, travel, food, and design.  Before I even realized, the blog not only acquired the following of discerning readers, it opened the door to many, many heartwarming friendships.
不是身不由己, 而是要懂江湖的規矩. 粗俗的說法就是:  上夜店尋歡當然就是ㄧ夜情, 怎能期盼求得終身伴侶? 會有如此驚駭的感想是這兩天有幾位職場平輩與後輩找我心理諮商, 也許看LK事事泰山崩於前而色不變吧?
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