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Friday, June 8, 2012

給過敏下戰帖 Kitchen Chemistry

My theme song for the month of May had to be Lady Gaga's Bad Romance… I was romancing psychologically Little V's atopic dermatitis, the monster to be slain than fed.  I tried figuring the beast out by keeping the house clean as a surgical clinic, washing&drying the bedding so frequently that I put a 5 starred hotel to shame(and shame on me for being so eco unfriendly), and when all seemed to fail, I decided packing Little V homemade hot lunches daily to weed out any possible food allergens.  It must be the accumulation of combined factors - his symptoms started to mitigate.  It came to me that I should document my hypoallergic menus visually.
Graphic composition inspired by Fresh&Easy, author: Jane Hornby, publisher: Phaidon.  Learning number 1. Keeping the ingredient list fresh, simple and balanced allow timely preparation.  The sweetness in the Pan Seared Salmon(marinated with coconut cream) pairs well with the elusive bitter green in Warm Tomato Watercress Salad.
前幾個星期忙得焦頭爛額氣急敗壞, 心疼孩子異位性皮膚炎復發, 決定全面嚴控飲食. 本來小V用學校的低敏營養午餐向來無事, 既然非常時期謹慎為上算, 貪睡的我ㄧ改舊習, 早起替小V準備便當. 天天吃愛心午餐上癮, 現在孩子雖然恢復良好, 還是央媽咪每天替他帶便當, 我也想趁這個機會整理出ㄧ本小V專屬低敏食譜, 等他大些可以自己學著做…

Friday, June 1, 2012

主題曲與插曲 Miss LK's Rhapsody 4th Anniversary

I started blogging May 2008 and before I knew it, the blog had reached its 4th anniversary! Writing, like an exercise, is a healthy habit to keep. The blog however acquired a life of its own… am I really the Miss LK that I portray through all those glossy images, carefully planned compositions, and rehearsed words(not always spell checked though)? Perhaps everyone needs an alter ego.

今年刊登的有些晚… 我從2008五月開始寫部落格, 渺語錄至今四週年了! 去年歷喪父之痛和我自己的大手術, 文風愈趨黑暗深沈, 看來肚臍眼文學有晉身傷痕文學的野心.
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