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Sunday, October 9, 2016

孤獨求敗 vs. 東方不敗 Oktoberfest a la Camus

前者是藝術家, 後者為政治家. 

是不是人到某個年紀, 健康時非我予, 情愛過境千帆, 只好奮然緊握生命最終的掌控, 如飛蛾撲火追求權力?
My daily long commute from the Silicon Valley to San Francisco often reminds me of Sisyphus rolling up the boulder.  Shamelessly, among the four characters of an absurd life prescribed by Camus, the seducer, the actor, the conqueror, and the artist, I identify with the last.  I eat create therefore I am.

近來常想起'笑傲江湖', 金庸小說這部最經得起時間洗㶑, 年少時醉心種種技藝書寫, 年青時也曾為個個癡情人物惋歎, 如今人到中年, 我似乎漸漸懂任我行和東方不敗.
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