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Sunday, January 27, 2013

長週末 Long Weekend in Napa

I have a dream.  I live for the weekends and especially for the three day weekends.  A long vacation comes by rarely and tends to require too much planning.  A long weekend is the perfect 'pick me up' and a little impromptu that rejuvenates the senses.  Napa here we come!
ps.  Can anyone guess why I post this photo of flower patterned wall paper? 

拜民權領袖金恩博士之賜, 上週渡了個長週末, 自從復職以來 任何能讓我睡懶覺的假日LK都無限歡迎!!!  星期六是媽咪自由日父子日, LK先生負責帶小V, 我ㄧ早便悠閒看牙醫去(啥, 看牙醫也成了節目?!) 看完牙醫重頭戲才開始, 約死黨Dr. C於Upper Fillmore喝茶逛街閒聊購物, girls' outing乃最扎實的心理治療 :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

青春輓歌 A Cat, the Psychotherapy, and Wallflower Perks

Home for the holidays… it was an extremely tough trip this time.  As difficult as it had been, I still found reflections close to heart: What really defines a family?  What deems a fulfilling life?  I never quite experienced adolescence because during my teenage years, I had to reach the emotional maturity in order to survive.  I was stoic.  As if the spell started to wear off, the long buried anguish surfaced breaching filial piety.  In the end, everything I learned from Greek Tragedy was excruciatingly faithful.  On my flight back to San Francisco, the coming of age movie The Perks of Being A Wallflower summed up my feelings elegantly. 

強忍時差加完班, 從工作室開車回家ㄧ路上驚險萬分, 不知不覺眼皮低垂, 只得反覆播著Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners提神… 以手風琴伴奏的旋律突兀, 悠揚中帶些不協調的張力讓人上癮.  在由臺北至舊金山的航班觀賞The Perks of Being A Wallflower後就迷上了電影和配樂, 說得是苦澀迷惘莽撞的青春,
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