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Sunday, November 27, 2016

行者無疆之我和上海有個約會 As I Stride Out to The World 11.3

Nooooooooo… as the world was sinking deeper and deeper, one must find a way to cheer up.  I think about what I love.  I love Shanghai.  For the amazing pre-war architecture on the bund, its nostalgic alley lined with sycamore trees, the scrumptious hairy crab delicacy, I might even move there one day, who knows.  Exodus from US is en vogue.
或許滬菜對味, 還是前世曾住過上海, 每回出差到此, 都有份溫柔的熟悉這趟老朋友皆不在, 難免小小失望, 反正LK獨行俠慣了, 星期天不開會, 連日陰雨也總算放晴, 還是興高采烈整裝出門, 赴我與上海的美麗約會!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

行者無疆之一千零一夜 As I Stride Out to The World 11.2

In light of what's happening in this country, some felt an uncontrollable depression and others, a sinister sense of triumph.  I am feeling lethargic, the tiredness of fighting.  Born non white and non male, proud being both really but couldn't help to question… what happened to basic human decency?!

這趟商旅… 陰錯陽差, 未能赴格友Echo衣香鬢影的生日宴, 出發前一天, 老朋友M興高采烈傳簡訊告知我他快來灣區開會, 想來是要給我驚喜, 結果我大潑冷水說將遠遊未歸 :(

Sunday, November 6, 2016

行者無疆之亂世舟車篇    As I Stride Out to The World 11.1

每回環亞商旅必自嘲從舊金山飛新德里, 一條小命去掉一半; 在新德里開幾天會紅眼班機飛香港, 另一半小命也沒了某次眉飛色舞對少年友伴描述歷險記, 友伴不以為然女孩子家何必那麼辛苦我大笑富貴險中求!  
行走江湖多年, 早練得渾身是膽, 在新德里機場上午夜班機前, 必到搭滿帳篷和行軍床的長廊內, 享用物美價廉的印度式足療也因為紅眼班機, 捨隱形眼鏡就黑框, 重度近視者皆知, 取下厚厚的鏡片, 眼中登時另個世界, 所以那45分鐘1000盧比的按摩宛若超現實風格, Sofia Coppola導演的龍門客棧.
Last evening of the trip, a treat to stay at the Peninsula Hong Kong.  I am a sucker for old world charms.
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