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Saturday, May 31, 2014

燦爛五月天 Miss LK's Rhapsody 6th Anniversary

與其説忙, 不若直認缺乏自律, 文思的培養能賴人嗎? 生活不可不謂充實, 但絶對不夠明澈.  欣賞了幅美景, 讀了篇好文章, 倒也不知趕著什麼? 總沒能靜下心讓自己感受便要move on.
What do people do in lovely May Day?  The LK clan visited the Sea World and LEGO Land over the Memorial long weekend. Surprisingly I was just as mesmerized by the majestic animals and entranced by intricate building blocks.  We then wrapped up the journey at the Grand del Mar with healing SPA, Mediterranean fare at Amaya,
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