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Sunday, September 4, 2016

2016 祝我生日快樂 Bang Bang_birthday coronation

For once, I would love to procrastinate my birthday.  Aging never quite bothered me hitherto.  I mean, for someone who has always had an old soul, what difference really.  It bothers me NOW.  My mind is vital as ever, on the verge of being volatile but over the summer, even though I aced my annual health checkup, I find, slowly that my body prays for a revolution.  My name day presents this year included a jaw alignment, a forefinger adjustment by my chiropractor and a temporary crown on my right first molar by my dentist.
是不是中蠱?  於東京Delfonics文具行聽得Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow變奏, 心念之, 連寫四篇.  反覆探究, 分析各個版本優缺, 上幅網誌剛剛結此公案… 這首歌, 莫不是怪敝人文筆太遜, 如有冤難訴的幽魂, 糾纏起我這窮秀才.
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