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Sunday, June 4, 2017

莒哈絲的情人 Moment In Ho Chi Minh

The minute Ho Chi Minh City made it to my itinerary, I knew it was time to reread Duras.  L'Amant or The Lover is a poetic lamentation about youthful awakening, class struggle, sexual tension, and lost love.  Park Hyatt Saigon exudes architectural charms reminiscing the colonial era.  From the double spiral staircase, chandeliers overlooking the tea parlor, and its classic french window encased room, Duras haunted where I dwelled.
上次來胡志明市三年前, 不記得悶燒成這樣, 踏出門便汗流夾背, 一天要洗好幾次澡才舒服.
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