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Sunday, January 19, 2014

也是鄉愁 Taipei Revisted

There was an article from CNN Travel this week '10 things Taiwan does better than anywhere else'.  Nearly half of the topics were food related.  I could not have agreed more.  The Taiwanese food scene has pizzazz or 'bozazz' :)  After the jet lag torment, I finally bounced back higher and greater making these delicious sweet yam gnocchi in ginger soup - a Taiwanese favorite for combating cold weather.
往年回台北, 東區娘家天母婆家平均分配, 憂慮順得哥情失嫂意, 每每硬撐著'長男媳婦'的溫婉笑容, 心頭孿生的荒野大鏢客早神槍出鞘,望天狂嘯兼空鳴'碰, 碰,碰'三聲!
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