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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

白髪魔女傳 The Legend of OBS

A surreal selfie in front of 'Under The Sea' automatic installation at the legendary Wako department store.  Press the button and waves of coiled blue tubes will start undulating.
和光百貨的櫥窗, 六月天穿風衣花喇吧褲的大洋遊俠是我.

Freshly landed home.  A trip to Tokyo and Taipei, the twin cities that both celebrate Lolita-ism(is there such a word?)

To get the term straight and out of the way first, O-Ba-San means old lady in Japanese.  It is different from Ma-Ma-San, a word describing the amateur shrink specializing in businessmen midlife crisis the professional socialite escort prevalent in Ginza during bubble economy, the modern geisha, so to speak.  On my flight across the Pacific, I watched The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  Literally the movie sports an amazing cast of O-Ba-Sans and a hot O-Ji-San, Richard Gere :)  I laughed my heart out and only wished my own mother could learn a thing or two from these bright spirits.  Being an Asian and a renown beauty among her peers, my dear mama still looks young, pretty yet full of petty, bitter complaints, not acknowledging that Father Kronos has bestowed her a rare gift.  I on the contrary, had been an O-Ba-San since I was eight.  Just imagine an old soul entrapped in the ruthless young physique, what fuss!
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