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Sunday, May 20, 2018

浮生若夢 Would I choose to be brave or be blind?

"My ultimate responsibility, is not to you, not to the president or the CEO but the customer who decides to purchase our design."_____  A statement that I said it in multiple forms, be it BBQ, sauteed or flambe.  Truth is something no one needs to lie about.  I said it with a solemn heart.  I do realize my blog has become an existential soliloquy… so be it.  As I strolled along the street of Ginza after my recent work trip to Asia, I wondered if it's a revelation or a lobotomy.  Matcha and mochi wrapped in oak leaves I ordered at Toraya - nothing a warm cup of tea and wagashi couldn't solve.
雖行色匆匆, 走到哪都有份隨意, 久違的新德里, 時差便早起靜待日出; 上海近年常去, 竟也巧遇安藤忠雄'挑戰'的姊妹展'引領'.  再赴胡志明市, 當然又砸兩百萬盾在Maison Marou Saigon囤黑巧克力; 返回灣區前東京渡週末, 吃到了春天的久兵衛和有趣的陌生食客聊人生聊美食聊我的畫. 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

我有好多話跟你講 Ulysses

My father passed on in May 2011.  Being an atheist his whole life, I am not sure if he is with God or Dionysus in the after life… I miss you, dad.  He was also a literati.  So perhaps reading Ulysses, I might summon if not the friendly spirit I long to be reunited, then at least my deeply buried inner peace.
As my schizophrenic norm, the images document the culinary odyssey at Dominique Bouchet Tokyo where Mr. LK and I celebrated our Crystal anniversary, along with Little V.

那天在Wholefoods買菜, 旁聽華裔小女孩摟著父親的頸項, 嬌聲嬌氣對揹著自己的父親說:  爸爸, 我有好多話跟你講!  那位身型瘦小的父親滿臉憐惜, 甜得要晃出蜜, 直回說:  慢慢講, 爸爸聽.  ㄧ時間, 我杵在蔬果並列的購物架前發癡, 心頭小小的裂縫愈撕愈大…

Friday, March 30, 2018

懺悔 As***** Rating Self Exam

自我辯護缺乏學習價值, 不如認栽, 從錯誤檢討.  有好陣子忙似汗馬, 呆若木雞, 深覺超然, 工作歸工作, 生活還生活, 政治絕緣… 結果仍是逃避.  靈性的自己漸行漸遠, 實在懷念柔情洶湧千思萬緒的她.  現下的我, 理智如電腦, 唯一的糾結是為什麼無感糾結, 是否已失去屬於人類的情感?
The Blue Bottle craze at Minamiaoyama, Tokyo.

I was half way there, a certified arse… dismal prospect coming out from the assessment.  What made me so angry, cynical, and disillusioned?  Have I gazed long into the abyss and now it's becoming a part of me?!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

亞當的前妻 Quality of The Heart

I admit, the only number I am interested in the entire Winter Olympic is figure skating, especially the men's program.  Such display of agility and muscular beauty, who wouldn't be?  After all, it's Valentine so why can't I shoot hearts to the screen?!  As fate would have it, recently I have had several opportunities examining matters of the heart, everyone else's except my own.

Vide cor meum?
Vide cor tuum?
In the loveless modern era, having a heart is agonizing luxury.  I heart embosser, ruler, paper weight, protractor… any tool for a writing desk or the drafting table.  Is it any wonder I am a designer?

女性主義先驅魅惑狂野的Lilith, 和從亞當肋骨變出來的溫馴後妻夏娃截然不同, 但兩者某程度都背叛曾經是她們的男人, 這…

Monday, January 29, 2018

聽雨, 風骨 Esquire: Manners Maketh Man

Caught merlot handed(that pairs with my sin in palatable harmony) spending over two million… VND on chocolates?!  We will get to that later, I promise.
2018首度商旅無可推卸, 新年次日便整裝飛行, 上海, 深圳, 香港, 河內, 臺北… 待月中歸返, 灣區冬雨連綿, 高速公路大塞車, 忍不住播放Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 3 in D Minor, 磅礡交錯滂沱, 陣天價響的寬慰, 即使由文青活至耄耋, 某種情懷常在.  我, 終究是讀書人, 當無邊落木蕭蕭而盡, 淡定處世, 從容待己.
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