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Sunday, August 31, 2014

嘆息橋 I Will Cross That Bridge when I Come to It

八月是生日月, 忙忙碌碌又過ㄧ年長ㄧ歲.  不是沒停下腳步思考人生意義, 而是往往來不及感嘆便讓生活排山倒海而來的考驗淹沒… 口頭禪:  船到橋頭自然直, 直不了便橫著過吧?  賭氣得來理直氣壯, 十足草根韌性兼升斗小民, 雖然內心深處亦有舊時浪漫… 等孩子大些放下俗務再修個學位:  Crossing  the Bridge of Sighs in Cambridge - 那是徐志摩再別康橋的情懷, 十年前的我揮揮衣袖間滿滿自戀, 如今, 嗯... 但覺肉麻難耐 :P
The long mild summer winding down with the birthday dinner at Ame in St. Regis San Francisco

Monday, July 28, 2014

私人放映室 In-flight Cinema

前陣子回新加坡渡假, 舊地重遊感觸良多, 待日後慢慢寫來.  長途旅行於耐性和體力皆是莫大考驗, 若說有任何附加值, 便是可名正言順當十幾個小時的沙發馬鈴薯: 累了倒頭睡, 餓了按鈕喚空姐備食.  失眠和看電影像手牽手吵嘴接吻的小情人… 極損精神健康, 然墮落的愛誰能抗拒?  此趟來回觀賞了六部電影:

Returned from a vacation in Singapore a while ago, I will definitely write about my tropical revelations later.  Before I forget, I want to jot down a few notes about my in-flight cinemarathon(and the accompanying meals on board), quite the saving grace!  My eastbound journey started with The Secret Life of Walter Mitty(rather fitting :).  Not sure if all the elements worked with the pensive daydreamer's daydreams, the self-help romantic crush, and a miraculous discovery of negative no. 25 but I found Kristen Wiig singing Space Oddity irresistible and the song kind of summed all up.
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty雖然超現實場景貫穿全片,

Sunday, June 22, 2014

情迷新德里 Out of India 1.0

這兩年公差印度已比回臺北頻繁, 五月商旅重頭戲是出席公司國際營運新德里分部開幕酒會, 重現東印度洋行風采.  也許於飛行途中皆觀賞了American Hustle, 各同僚紛紛穿起復古婀娜shirt dress, 掛著長串吊墜耳環, 寶萊塢式派對上搖曳生姿…  算是密集高壓會議前的自娛娛人.
Photo on the left was a portrait on the wall of The Rose Hotel.  On the right was the 'reading nook' in my hotel room at The Leela Palace.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

燦爛五月天 Miss LK's Rhapsody 6th Anniversary

與其説忙, 不若直認缺乏自律, 文思的培養能賴人嗎? 生活不可不謂充實, 但絶對不夠明澈.  欣賞了幅美景, 讀了篇好文章, 倒也不知趕著什麼? 總沒能靜下心讓自己感受便要move on.
What do people do in lovely May Day?  The LK clan visited the Sea World and LEGO Land over the Memorial long weekend. Surprisingly I was just as mesmerized by the majestic animals and entranced by intricate building blocks.  We then wrapped up the journey at the Grand del Mar with healing SPA, Mediterranean fare at Amaya,

Sunday, April 13, 2014

鍋裏有隻雞 Poulet Au The

An old sketch I did at L'Arpege Paris in 2011 - fresh radish as the table setting!  When was the last time I actually write or draw for fun?  Perhaps this book by Brigid Schulte, Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time could point me to the right direction.
那天接小V下課懶燒飯, 帶他上館子吃冰淇淋兼逛書店, 巧遇Brigid Schulte新書發表會 - "Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time" ,可不正點出了職業女性難處?
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