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Monday, September 7, 2015

與子偕老 Love Crime

There are three objectives that I want to accomplish in this post:  an ode to Hannibal series finale(not again?!),  some reflections on my birthday(older yes, wiser surely not), and a tribute to Painting Set Free, the Turner exhibition at de Young(yes and yes, from the bottom of my heart!). This is exactly how the mind works - a fierce cacophony of inspirations, aspirations, and impugning emotions.

The Angel Standing in the Sun
Exhibited 1846

And I saw an angel in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God.
_ Revelation 19:17

Monday, August 17, 2015

喧囂 Too Loud A Solitude

If, if I am to write another post inspired by Hannibal, God, I need help!  Beyond helps I am.  It is Dante where the frail maiden eats a piece of your burning heart from the fair hand of Venus.  It is E.E. Cummings when your glance of knowing ignites my soul.  After Dr. Lecter studied the files of Francis D, he summed up, 'This is a very shy boy, Will.  I would love to meet him.'  How Hannibal saw the root of the root with a nonchalant empathy was disturbing.
Blue Bottle Coffee at the old Border's location in Palo Alto.

每週觀賞Hannibal後我都會陷入浪漫的沈思不可自拔, 這可是食人魔的故事啊! 是不是內心深處的我其實是個大變態呢?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

祝福 8.15 I Came, I saw, I Vancouvered

It all started with La Primavera.  Season 3 Hannibal made a twisted(as usual) reference to Botticelli's masterpiece and since then, I had an ardent desire to revisit the Uffizi Gallery.  My last trip to Florence must have been fifteen years ago!  Blaming midlife crisis for my sudden wanderlust is simply lazy psychiatry.  One must call your pal for a pep talk know thyself and after catching up with my old friend M, Vancouver here I come!
炎夏將盡, 一年一度的偽單身生活也快結束, 趕緊把握機會做些只有單身貴族能做的事(我可沒有偷偷摸摸上銀行換整疊壹元小鈔然後呼朋引伴到俱樂部撒錢喔 :P), 突然想到去年過大生日的老朋友M, 他計劃訪友之旅給自己當生日禮物, 說著說著始終未成行. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

馬桶和勞改 Summer Staycation

部落格式微儼然解放思維, 仍然造訪的讀者是真正覺得文字有趣, 留言非捧場或禮尚往來, 純粹是對味.  本人死黨Dr. C寧願刨完整套肉麻兮兮吸血鬼愛素食少女的'暮光之城'也從不讀敝格, 嫌中文太多嘮嘮叨叨, 找我或電話或簡訊或乾乾脆脆約見面, 即可.  回頭看過去自己寫的文章, 有意無意維持著氣質才女的形象, 我本人的確頗有才華, 絕非震古爍今, 所以沒沾沾自喜的必要.  氣質我行我素, 不憂鬱不文青, 比較近似[傲慢與偏見]裏娶著年輕時美女老後變神經潑婦那無奈中涵蘊諷刺幽默的Mr. Bennet!
My desk...

One hundred years of solitude is no doubt, unbearable and requires such endurance, unless you are Florentino from Love In The Time of Cholera.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

白髪魔女傳 The Legend of OBS

A surreal selfie in front of 'Under The Sea' automatic installation at the legendary Wako department store.  Press the button and waves of coiled blue tubes will start undulating.
和光百貨的櫥窗, 六月天穿風衣花喇吧褲的大洋遊俠是我.

Freshly landed home.  A trip to Tokyo and Taipei, the twin cities that both celebrate Lolita-ism(is there such a word?)

To get the term straight and out of the way first, O-Ba-San means old lady in Japanese.  It is different from Ma-Ma-San, a word describing the amateur shrink specializing in businessmen midlife crisis the professional socialite escort prevalent in Ginza during bubble economy, the modern geisha, so to speak.  On my flight across the Pacific, I watched The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  Literally the movie sports an amazing cast of O-Ba-Sans and a hot O-Ji-San, Richard Gere :)  I laughed my heart out and only wished my own mother could learn a thing or two from these bright spirits.  Being an Asian and a renown beauty among her peers, my dear mama still looks young, pretty yet full of petty, bitter complaints, not acknowledging that Father Kronos has bestowed her a rare gift.  I on the contrary, had been an O-Ba-San since I was eight.  Just imagine an old soul entrapped in the ruthless young physique, what fuss!
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