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Sunday, April 13, 2014

鍋裏有隻雞 Poulet Au The

An old sketch I did at L'Arpege Paris in 2011 - fresh radish as the table setting!  When was the last time I actually write or draw for fun?  Perhaps this book by Brigid Schulte, Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time could point me to the right direction.
那天接小V下課懶燒飯, 帶他上館子吃冰淇淋兼逛書店, 巧遇Brigid Schulte新書發表會 - "Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time" ,可不正點出了職業女性難處?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

古都風情 Once Upon a Time in Kyoto

常去東京, 重遊京都卻是多年來首度, 對千年繁華的印象停留在上世紀末的初夏:清水寺碧意森森的竹林和宇治金時淡苦回甘, 我和好友D白恤衫白布鞋汗流浹背踏遍往山門的石階, 年輕的惶恐, 又是那麼氣盛的雄心, 等不及要看這世界...

冷!  出了京都車站趕緊圍上毛帽毛耳罩, 古都獨有的沈斂莊重, 自然而然讓人放緩腳步, 靜謐品味湛藍的天, 徐徐龍吟的清風, 冬陽金光遍撒的壯麗, 或者, 自己的存在.  一期一會, 多年前青春正盛時我造訪你, 而今偕夫擕子, 你可還認得?
While reading the latest short story collection by Karen Russell, 'Vampires in The Lemon Grove',  I came across a thought provoking line:  Regret is a pilgrimage back to the place where I was free to choose.

Friday, February 7, 2014

世間所有的相遇 Own Less, Live More

This old watercolor sketch of mine pairs nicely with the Year of Horse.  Happy Lunar New Year!
聖誕節與寒假結束, 收心上班上學, 一月底二月初正是百廢待舉最忙碌的時刻, 過起農曆新年便有些手足無措, 想想無論如何總要替孩子立個傳統, 就包餃子吧!以Vitamix將豬絞肉白菜茴香海鹽壺底油拌得綿密, LK先生和我的水餃皮偷懶用興隆坊現成的, 然小V對麥敏感, 只好卯起桿一份gluten free麵團.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

也是鄉愁 Taipei Revisted

There was an article from CNN Travel this week '10 things Taiwan does better than anywhere else'.  Nearly half of the topics were food related.  I could not have agreed more.  The Taiwanese food scene has pizzazz or 'bozazz' :)  After the jet lag torment, I finally bounced back higher and greater making these delicious sweet yam gnocchi in ginger soup - a Taiwanese favorite for combating cold weather.
往年回台北, 東區娘家天母婆家平均分配, 憂慮順得哥情失嫂意, 每每硬撐著'長男媳婦'的溫婉笑容, 心頭孿生的荒野大鏢客早神槍出鞘,望天狂嘯兼空鳴'碰, 碰,碰'三聲!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On The Bund 相逢在上海,灘

2013 is coming to an end with the final farewell to my beloved grandma.  In the midst of consuming grief, I am reminded by my favorite character from Harry Potter, Professor Dumbledore:

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

向來欣賞格友V文筆影像, 讀她網誌Measurement會心微笑, 緣起緣滅自有定數, 我也是個不執著的人.  有心有緣, 人生往往何處不相逢.
My first christmas present this year, an Alex And Ani phoenix wrap.  Thank you, Dr. C!

十月底在香港和大學同學A相聚, A剛卸任某知名品牌設計總監, 品牌復古東方揉合現代歐風洋溢奢華.  老朋友高䠷白皙如昔, 歲月未曾留下痕跡, 倒是舉手投足多了幾分所屬名牌的精緻嫵媚.  A侃侃而談多年高低起伏, 爽朗一如學生時代的她, 然風光亮麗的背後我聽得出她吃了不少苦頭, 聊至夜深我們舉杯互祝下個十年平安如意!

Light does come from many sources:  loving family, heart warming friendship, wonderful art and great books.

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