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Saturday, November 10, 2018

俠客遠行 Procrasti-write

Among all forms of expression, I seem to have an immediate connection with writing and drawing.  Both require the conduit of a pen/pencil/stick…  Nope, that's not the direction I am heading to.  Although from time to time I do enjoy a good debate, I abhor the dueling of narcissism.  I write to distill chaotic thoughts, to experience life twice and to be at peace with myself.
戊戌年多變, 多位人物離世… 奇才Stephen Hawking, 靈魂歌后Aretha Franklin, 廚神Joel Robuchon, 科幻作家Ursula K. Le Guin, 怪傑Anthony Bourdain… 還有我們的金庸.  眾俠客, ㄧ路好走.

Monday, October 29, 2018

君恨我同 He Childed As I Fathered

I was very enthralled by Cambridge and wondered if my former domestic orbit would no longer be enough yet within a month upon returning, I reverted to that humanoid again.  Not even teetering between sense and sensibility, I just possess such clarity in mindset that resembles the on/off switch.
It was a dream then.  Aaah… life is but a dream.  My favorite dining spot at the Cambridge Chop House overlooking King's Parade.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

愛如焰火 We Should Do When We Would

To age or not to age - that is not my choice.   The team threw me a Shakespeare themed birthday party!  Star-crossed muffins, soliloquiches, midsummer night's drinks… my month long of celebration ended with a whimsical note.  The positive energy from my sojourn at Cambridge will be long lasting.  While juggling multiple soul-crushing meetings, I could always attain a moment of respite by wearing the Elizabethan collar my team made me, reciting:  All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand…
開某項例會, 頂頭上司突宣佈當天是我生日, 由品牌冷艷大統領帶領高唱生日快樂, LK受寵若驚倍感虛不受補…

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

始終 To Find An Ending in The Beginning

Experience over possession - the birthday present to myself this year is to study Shakespeare at Cambridge, just for a week of midsummer night’s dream.
萬物逆旅, 百代過客, 人生如虛擬實境, 2011-2014連續痛殤父親小阿姨外婆和一個本來有緣為母女或母子, 不知性別的小小靈魂... 心底有個自我掙扎著默默療傷, 雖然, 命運沒特別刁難去年的健康風暴似乎啟動豁然機制, 今年給自己的生日禮物是重回校園讀書 :)

Sunday, July 29, 2018

協奏曲 Panacea for My Ailment

Feeling a poetic lethargy lately… could be the weather.  As I organized photos from the trip, bits and pieces of vitality slowly came together like puzzles.  At Bloom&Branch, a cafe in Aoyama where the barista was as solemn as a priestess.  I made my confession in blue ink and sketches.
四月出差上海時與童年友伴S緣慳一面, 他此次商旅紐約舊金山, 約著在Wayfare Tavern晚餐, 從他媽到我媽(不是罵粗話喲), 由亞里斯多德至黑澤明, 論千禧世代資訊核爆同理心低落, 未來人口為患的國家會否效仿老電影'楢山節考', 對耄耋強制安樂死? 
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