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Sunday, October 15, 2017

為賦新辭… 天涼好個秋 Rehabilitation and Revelation 

Drum rolls… the Nobel Prize in Literature is awarded to Kazuo Ishiguro for ‘who, in novels of great emotional force, has uncovered the abyss beneath our illusory connection with the world.’  Beautiful.  At last, a couple decades after Szymborska, another laureate who transcends the conscious uncoupling of my reading repertoire and comprehension capacity.
這段時日考驗韌性, 生命種種挫折孤離, 人與人之間的關係瞬息萬變

Saturday, September 2, 2017

千年繁華之侘寂與懷石 Summer in Kyoto 2017 Wabi-sabi

Try as I might, I still couldn't make it to the August post so there it is, left wide open for concerns and speculations.  I was caught in a perfect storm, the perfect storm of wabi-sabi.
A page from my travelogue depicting the weekend getaway to Arashiyama.  
有些書, 要到ㄧ定年紀才懂得, 如'老子', 禍兮福之所倚, 福兮禍之所伏…

Sunday, July 9, 2017

千年繁華之喫茶趣X紅豆辭 Summer in Kyoto 2017 Green Oasis

Before my journey to Kyoto, I was plagued by such insipidity.  Yes, Mr. Knightly, I needed a project.  It was as if Gollum finally deserted Smeagol, my inner dialogue stopped altogether… okay, bad metaphor.  However, the moment we arrived at the Kyoto station when I caught a glimpse of two Japanese ladies in silvery gray and egret kimono, I knew I was home.
 放暑假前, 似乎到了臨界點, 精神倦怠像揮不去的霾, 五感之厭世… 然京都遊歸, 方悟千言萬語皆可以淺笑替代, 遙想高鼻深目的佛像, 心中靜謐無限; 願遁道嵯峨野綠蔭森森的竹林, 京都俯拾即唐詩, 隨手拈為宋詞獨鍾綠色, 深深淺淺的綠色…

Sunday, June 4, 2017

莒哈絲的情人 Moment In Ho Chi Minh

The minute Ho Chi Minh City made it to my itinerary, I knew it was time to reread Duras.  L'Amant or The Lover is a poetic lamentation about youthful awakening, class struggle, sexual tension, and lost love.  Park Hyatt Saigon exudes architectural charms reminiscing the colonial era.  From the double spiral staircase, chandeliers overlooking the tea parlor, and its classic french window encased room, Duras haunted where I dwelled.
上次來胡志明市三年前, 不記得悶燒成這樣, 踏出門便汗流夾背, 一天要洗好幾次澡才舒服.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

出塞曲 Lady Luck, She Turned Her Back on Me.

逛誠品, 看見席慕蓉的詩集, 忍不住提筆, 寫屬於我的出塞曲非西出陽關無故人, 而是此趟商旅長途跋涉頻出狀況, 真真出門帶臨行前人事命令突遞, 要我接掌某燙手山芋部門(就說嘛, 年度考績給我全項優等, 這麼好康… 原來還有記回馬槍)第一站到胡志明市, SFOHK班機誤點, 在國泰地勤指引下, 我於香港機場施展飛毛腿, 成果較似連滾帶爬, 人是趕上飛往胡志明市的原定航班, 行李沒趕上在東方巴黎的首日, 我只能穿著髒兮兮的衣服閒晃, 幸好隔天才開會, 不然資料都在託運的行李箱, 兩手空空有損專業.
A bit random to show this image, the steamed rice roll at the lounge in HK airport.  What I tried reminding myself was the beauty in the seemingly banal everyday life.

My recent work trip was very Star Wars Episode 7.
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