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Monday, February 1, 2016

為誰開, 茶花滿路? Smell The Camellia

This blog post is chronologically… out of order.  The LK clan spent the new year at the lovely Carneros Inn in Napa before I flew solo to Shanghai for work.  Then I wrote about Shanghai while memory was fresh.  Ah, a vacation is a vacation, everyone knows it's not going to last forever but while we are at it, let's stretch out like lazy cats under the sun.
Our suite at the Carneros Inn, Napa.

春雨霏霏, 原本焦枯的庭園滋潤幾天後綠意盎然, 敞開落地窗, 赫然發現後院亭亭玉立一株艷紅山茶花, 我這人, 眼睛都長哪兒去?!  園藝當然一竅不通, 對山茶花的認識來自'天龍八部'段譽被囚曼陀山莊的章節, 金庸妙筆, 十八學士, 風塵三俠, 八仙過海, 眼兒媚… 各杜撰滇茶名種讀著有趣.  可惜這章節凸顯大理段二眾情婦之一王蘿王夫人的偏執乖戾, 想來金庸十分大男人主義, 小說中的女主角除了黃蓉, 全都是男主角的陪襯…

Sunday, January 17, 2016

上海再念 READ! Shanghai Encore

開春歸來驛馬星動, 緊急出差南中國, 想到上海冬寒整個腿軟, 轉念現下逐鹿中原, 我連'自宮'這種厚黑學都考慮到了, 還假惺惺作啥? 向頂頭上司敲定, 就由LK單槍匹馬替企劃案收尾, 誰怕! 我已認清自己定位 - I love problem solving, 遇見愈棘手的問題愈是眼亮心癢, 當然, 沒錢我也願意做這種傻子創意思維, 千萬不能讓老闆知道, 千萬.  真要寫, 寫詭譎哀思武俠完結篇才對, 前後不過兩個月光景, 人事全面洗盤.  某層次我鞏固實力, 贏了裏子; 某層次我呆若木雞, 輸了面子.  我畢竟有父系遺傳, 享受手起手落之間的危機感, 輸贏都心悅誠服.
In the core of el nino winter, in the midst of pining for Downton Abbey Final Season, I was called upon a critical mission, a whirlwind business trip to Shanghai!  Whatever it takes, really.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

相忘於江湖 Rendezvous in NYC 4. The Epilogue

過去幾年心不放在自己身上, 很受外力影響, 觀影看戲得過且過.  今年圖窮匕現心竅頓開, 深感人性複雜, 最難堪是朋友之間嫉妒, 最難為是敵人互相欣賞.  這幾個月反覆掙扎, 其實就是部葵花寶典: 欲練神功, 引刀自宮. '自宮'當然是作家象徵性的寫法, 我的解讀為戒急用忍, 在任何微型社會, 為達到目標, 需要克制自己性格中與主流文化相抵觸的層面.
My trip to NYC concluded the turbulent yet amazing 2015 with a pensively beautiful note.  I also fulfilled a promise to myself earlier in the summer: to think less and to sketch more!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

她慢慢帶走沈默 Rendezvous in NYC 3.  Muse Runs When You Look Away

Not sure how that ritual inaugurated, having breakfast at the Balthazar in SOHO is quintessential NYC for me.  The line for the Thanksgiving brunch was too long so my friend C and I went to its younger, hipper sister branch Lafayette instead for coffee and canele. 

這些年忙著生活反倒忘記如何好好活, 此番偽單身的小旅行開啟檢視內心世界的契機.
我對老派禮數傾心, 譬如, 上樓梯女士先, 下樓梯男仕前, 她失足他接住.  譬如, 水煮蛋盛在骨瓷杯裏, 延著杯緣往上輕輕敲, 以小銀匙勺… 那是蘇活區的Balthazar, 屬於紐約回憶的早餐儀式.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

她靜悄悄的來過 Rendezvous in NYC 2.  Muse Comes When You Stop to Call Her

No matter how many years I have left the city, there will be a fragment of NYC in me.  Whether it is the light and shadow on the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum or the sound from the fountain of the garden court inside the Frick Collection.  There, I blossomed into who I have always been and who I really am.
photo credit:  Frick Collection

紐約求學生涯極溫柔的回憶是拿著學生證免費逛遍世界級的博物院美術館:  有幾處所在如老朋友, 心靜心煩心慌心喜都得上那兒待個半晌, 如大都會美術館光影分明的Temple of Dendur和Frick Collection鑲著小小噴水池的中庭, 偏愛週末的早晨攜著繪本進門, 禪修似的眼觀鼻鼻觀心, 畫到時間凝結筆尖, 懂得與自己和平相處是門藝術.
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