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Thursday, November 19, 2015

藥引 Miss LK's Rhapsody 7th Anniversary

今年過得抑揚頓挫, 似乎有位才華洋溢卻仍摸索著創作方向的音樂家, 繃緊我的心緒為弓, 調度我的情緒為弦, 悠悠拂奏闕闕樂曲, 時輕快俏皮, 如拋媚眼, 曲誤周郎顧... 時沈斂抑鬱, 是忽聞江上弄哀箏, 若含情, 遣誰聽奏著奏著金鼓齊鳴, 十面埋伏後戛然而止, 一片寂靜只聽到自己心跳的險意.
My anniversary post should have happened in May and the long delay only demonstrates:

Poor time management,
Life has been overwhelming,
I am too absorbed in the action and therefore neglecting the reflection…

All of the above.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

上海念 READ! Shanghai

近來領悟, 自己存活於兩個世界.  一個我, 人生若只如初見, 悠悠盪漾於佛羅倫斯名畫春天前, 臨摹大師筆法, 研究著女神們光潔的髮絲肌膚, 如何透過薄如蟬翼的輕紗呼吸, 所有細節在一支筆一柄刀, 手腕的力道轉合.  另一個我天天通勤時時開會, 協商人事物力, 腦海跑著一頁接一頁的數據報表.  此趟商旅光是開頭的整合風波連連, 等到政治角力席捲, 我才幌然大悟前後發生什麼事.  仁者樂山, 智者樂水, 遇到困境, 老莊信徒如我, 直覺是走出去看世界! 於印度的行程申請半天自費往泰姬瑪哈朝聖, 興沖沖裁畫紙收拾畫具, 準備好好描繪世界奇景… 人算總不如天算, 風塵僕僕到達官陵, 才知道管理局不準人畫畫, 心死了大半, 此事容後再敍.
Shanghai is a beauty, very difficult to court and too savvy to be ignored.  I don’t like how she exudes the scent of fortune, likely due to my anemic wallet yet in a very rare occasion when she smiles with her chin tilted and eyes glanced sideways, I wish I have the gold to turn her head.  I really do.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

我的S教授 Sara Little Turnbull

"The quality of life of a people dictates what they design, what they make.  It is a reflection of life itself."
____ Sara Little Turnbull (September 21, 1917 - September 4, 2015)

Monday, September 7, 2015

與子偕老 Love Crime

There are three objectives that I want to accomplish in this post:  an ode to Hannibal series finale(not again?!),  some reflections on my birthday(older yes, wiser surely not), and a tribute to Painting Set Free, the Turner exhibition at de Young(yes and yes, from the bottom of my heart!). This is exactly how the mind works - a fierce cacophony of inspirations, aspirations, and impugning emotions.

The Angel Standing in the Sun
Exhibited 1846

And I saw an angel in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God.
_ Revelation 19:17

Monday, August 17, 2015

喧囂 Too Loud A Solitude

If, if I am to write another post inspired by Hannibal, God, I need help!  Beyond helps I am.  It is Dante where the frail maiden eats a piece of your burning heart from the fair hand of Venus.  It is E.E. Cummings when your glance of knowing ignites my soul.  After Dr. Lecter studied the files of Francis D, he summed up, 'This is a very shy boy, Will.  I would love to meet him.'  How Hannibal saw the root of the root with a nonchalant empathy was disturbing.
Blue Bottle Coffee at the old Border's location in Palo Alto.

每週觀賞Hannibal後我都會陷入浪漫的沈思不可自拔, 這可是食人魔的故事啊! 是不是內心深處的我其實是個大變態呢?
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