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Saturday, March 28, 2015

迷靡謎之音 Cozy Mystery and 'Domesticated' Felicity

Spring cleaning and kitchen remodel denoted a hectic but fulfilling March.  The process was never easy and there would be more home improvement projects to come.  At least for now, we can have a moment to celebrate creature comforts - the crystal chandelier purchased several years ago has been hung from the ceiling of the breakfast nook at last.

Something else also triggered my musicality.

Friday, February 13, 2015

指南心 The Golden Compass

My Golden Compass diagram was inspired by this article.

How do I even begin, to depict a series of curious events that one would think only exists in Lemony Snicket’s soliloquy?  Since last November, LK family underwent a witch-hunt in a modern day private elementary school.  The saga started with an unsatisfactory parent teacher conference, then the principal office meeting, and when we challenged the school administration

Saturday, January 31, 2015

新年 To Finish What I Started

I started this portrait a couple years ago, painted it here and there, added embellishment from time to time... It was meant to remotely portraying infamous Countess Elizabeth Bathory but turned out resembling Lady Mary's nemesis, Mabel Lane Fox(!)  The transformation sort of parallels my soulful journey from glum to comic relief :). That's it for now.  Busy, busy January.
眼看一月份部落格要開天窗了, 急急忙忙登幅幾年前開始的, 陸陸續續添筆的畫像. 提醒自己別次次三分鐘熱度, 虎頭蛇尾 :(  二月底我母親生日, 近幾年母女磨擦對峙亦趨溫緩, 或許是看著小V日漸長大, 我突然回憶起年幼時的我如何孺慕父母吧!  仍十分美麗的母親似乎擁有新的追求者(怎麼有點Downton Abbey Season 5的味道?!) 所以新年無啥了不起的志向, 希望自己行事有始有終, 我愛的人都能幸福 :)

Friday, December 26, 2014

忽忽這年 Baby, It's Cold Outside

When I heard Taylor Swift's version of Last Christmas on the radio, I knew I am officially old(where is George Michael?).  Last Christmas we were feasting in the exquisitely beautiful Kyoto and less than ten blog posts after, we reached the end of 2014 already, sigh!  I summarized the year's learnings in my usual off beat greeting card:
猶記去年聖誕夜於初雪京都喫鰻魚飯, 怎麼愰眼2014已至歲末?!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

蹺家記 The Escapist in Me

歲末聚會多, 萬聖節感恩節接踵而至, 勞動階級要俗務擺兩旁放假出國不易.  然舊金山灣依山傍水, 當旅行癮發作還是可駕愛駒馳騁, 就近求解藥:
Local Trip 1.
Thelma&Louise(Cavallo Point) - This photo is from

T&L故事頗富爭議性, 深具女性主義色彩, 年代久遠記不得自己到底有沒有欣賞過這部電影, 即使有, 當時太年少, 無法明瞭於生命蒼涼的控訴.  不過有心人都記得兩位演技精湛的美艷女主角Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis和萬人迷Brad Pitt初登大銀幕演個小混混的痞樣. 
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