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Sunday, September 9, 2018

愛如焰火 We Should Do When We Would

To age or not to age - that is not my choice.   The team threw me a Shakespeare themed birthday party!  Star-crossed muffins, soliloquiches, midsummer night's drinks… my month long of celebration ended with a whimsical note.  The positive energy from my sojourn at Cambridge will be long lasting.  While juggling multiple soul-crushing meetings, I could always attain a moment of respite by wearing the Elizabethan collar my team made me, reciting:  All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand…
開某項例會, 頂頭上司突宣佈當天是我生日, 由品牌冷艷大統領帶領高唱生日快樂, LK受寵若驚倍感虛不受補…

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

始終 To Find An Ending in The Beginning

Experience over possession - the birthday present to myself this year is to study Shakespeare at Cambridge, just for a week of midsummer night’s dream.
萬物逆旅, 百代過客, 人生如虛擬實境, 2011-2014連續痛殤父親小阿姨外婆和一個本來有緣為母女或母子, 不知性別的小小靈魂... 心底有個自我掙扎著默默療傷, 雖然, 命運沒特別刁難去年的健康風暴似乎啟動豁然機制, 今年給自己的生日禮物是重回校園讀書 :)

Sunday, July 29, 2018

協奏曲 Panacea for My Ailment

Feeling a poetic lethargy lately… could be the weather.  As I organized photos from the trip, bits and pieces of vitality slowly came together like puzzles.  At Bloom&Branch, a cafe in Aoyama where the barista was as solemn as a priestess.  I made my confession in blue ink and sketches.
四月出差上海時與童年友伴S緣慳一面, 他此次商旅紐約舊金山, 約著在Wayfare Tavern晚餐, 從他媽到我媽(不是罵粗話喲), 由亞里斯多德至黑澤明, 論千禧世代資訊核爆同理心低落, 未來人口為患的國家會否效仿老電影'楢山節考', 對耄耋強制安樂死? 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

情書 Billet-doux to Tokyo

這些時日馬不停蹄, 驚覺若不在東京, 便是在前往東京的路上... 是啥緣由, 讓LK居所的灣區如失丈夫歡心的髪妻, 良人趁空即奔赴小三懷抱?!  嚴格來說, 東京我最熟悉的活動範圍是銀座, 從虎屋菓寮, 椿屋咖啡, 蔦屋書店, 久兵衛… 漫步到丸之內是一保堂嘉木茶室.  人生至此, 喝杯好茶, 來幾貫活跳跳握壽司, 逛書店, 似乎就剩這點出息.
Reading my blog sequence, I have come to the realization that I might as well plan the move to Ginza, Tokyo.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

浮生若夢 Would I choose to be brave or be blind?

"My ultimate responsibility, is not to you, not to the president or the CEO but the customer who decides to purchase our design."_____  A statement that I said it in multiple forms, be it BBQ, sauteed or flambe.  Truth is something no one needs to lie about.  I said it with a solemn heart.  I do realize my blog has become an existential soliloquy… so be it.  As I strolled along the street of Ginza after my recent work trip to Asia, I wondered if it's a revelation or a lobotomy.  Matcha and mochi wrapped in oak leaves I ordered at Toraya - nothing a warm cup of tea and wagashi couldn't solve.
雖行色匆匆, 走到哪都有份隨意, 久違的新德里, 時差便早起靜待日出; 上海近年常去, 竟也巧遇安藤忠雄'挑戰'的姊妹展'引領'.  再赴胡志明市, 當然又砸兩百萬盾在Maison Marou Saigon囤黑巧克力; 返回灣區前東京渡週末, 吃到了春天的久兵衛和有趣的陌生食客聊人生聊美食聊我的畫. 
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