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Thursday, April 14, 2011

不能寄的兩封信 Il Postino

憂慮的時候可否安安靜靜學習和自己相處? ㄧ再轉述他人的話不能改變既有的事實.
兄弟對你說: 因為你前世欠他的沒還清...
姐妹對你說: 真是折磨...
你說: 凡事ㄧ肩扛, 他還要拖累我, 拖累他的兒女...


能為自己人生負責任的只有自己. 來時ㄧ人來, 走時ㄧ人走. 父母, 子女, 夫妻, 手足, 朋友…
眾生平等, 誰也不欠誰, 皆是生命課堂中的學生, 悟性高的早早做完習題, 繼續探索人生奧義… 怨天尤人只會固步自封.

你其實擁有的很多, 永遠為自己所沒有的鑽牛角尖, 無論擁有什麼都沒有意義.
Dear you,
Am I the only one who sees the beginning of an end and at peace with it? You, a brilliantly gifted surgeon and a reckless gambler… have lived life to the fullest or the foolishest. How can I not be grateful when I have gotten my very best characters from you? Again and again, the thirst for learning and the appreciation for solitude prove to be my most valuable devices for sailing through the turmoils of life.

How I wish I can release your mind from the decaying shell that reflects nothing of its inhabitant but the dismay of the ones around? We are and will be the best of friends in the unknown journey ahead but it is time to leave this one behind.

Until then.


Anonymous said...

他們想什麼做什麼講什麼, 隨便吧.


聚水藏風 said...

At the end, everyone is the own decision-maker for himself/herself.

Have a great week, Ms. LK!

material girl said...

Miss LK,

Miss LK said...

Thank you my dear friends for your words of wisdom... Each kind wish counts and means a lot to me :)

Crisis brings forth a person's finest qualities and worst fears. I do hope to live up to whom I know myself to be.

Cie la vie.

Monica Yalan Chang said... your comment on 當惡女真不賴! not you know what I feel, I fight back all the time! 真的, 在新加坡, 不管local or expats 都一樣! 妳看我開車時的罵人 :-) 友一次也是same situation like yours, 澳洲籍的女人不排隊,我跟他吵起來(not suprise) the ended conversation was I said to her: I understand now, you have mad cow disease! or you are in your menopause :-)

Have see you for a while, how are you doing? I am still waiting for my husband's OZ work permit :-(


Miss LK said...


Regarding the taxi poaching incident in my news update... I am not proud of my own reaction either. Self righteousness can easily backfire if the person is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Well, what triggered me was probably that shrewed lady seemed to be talking from her nostrals... I went for the challenge just to see how she could breathe and argue without choking. Quite an astonish display of facial muscle coordination I must say :p

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