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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

誠惶誠恐與萬萬'稅' The Moment I Wake Up...

Nope! This post is not about the ingeniously written novel Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson which earlier in the spring I have enjoyed reading tremendously with a sardonic twist and hope to write a review later.  Before… I lag further since my last post in March, I want to share snippets of my 'curiouser&curiouser'.
春天多事, 狡兔有三窟世界公民的義務是走到哪都要報稅, 美國, 新加坡, 台灣...

臣誠惶誠恐, 吾皇萬歲萬歲萬萬'稅'是近日心情特寫.  為續留星洲或搬回美國的爭議, LK先生和我天天吵架.  小V見狀不屑的搖搖頭: 你們不要再說了… 趁復活節赴曼谷散心兼驗貨(咦? 我怎麼口氣像國際大毒梟!)
Essentially I was overwhelmed with taxes the month of March(anyone not?)  The caveat of being a global citizen is… paying taxes everywhere I hold citizenship or residence of and when property gets in the scene, one feels like a toiled animal with a wobbling pagoda on its back.  Anyway, it's done&done so we spent the Easter break in Bangkok while I QC my designs in production(finally!)

也有美事! ㄧ位待嫁新娘很喜歡Queen of Hearts, 請我客製婚宴采禮給伴娘們, 想著浪漫婚禮手指與思緒雙雙舞動起來…
Earlier in the month a lovely bride to be contacted me via Etsy for a project - to make custom Queen of Hearts for her wedding.  I love, love creating beautiful things for a happy event.  Satin ribbons, silk flowers, glass beads and sparkling glitters… this was such a relaxation especially after meeting the deadline for a very technical project earlier.  Thank you, Jung for the opportunity!

結果靈感泉湧, 頹廢姐妹花Decay&Decadence隨之誕生, 這算是忙裏偷閒自娛吧!
Once I got my fingers started… they went off on their own giving birth to Decay&Decadence one weekend.  The sinister story can be found on my Etsy listing.  I must admit I was inspired by Erin Morgenstern's The Night Circus :)

Sneak preview of my brand, LK metamorphosism designs:
Can you guess what they are? The pair of Wanderlust pewter spoons will be available for order soon.
心頭腦海構思已久的風景就快完成, 品牌雖小總是個起點, 遠航何處還未知… 不過有大家的鼓勵與我同行, 不會寂寞的 :)

ps. I am catching up on everyone's delicious posts and before long will be raiding your blogs with my dry wit and quirky comments so BE PREPARED! :)


material girl said...

開玩笑,這有什麼好爭的,當然是回美國囉~(雙臂張開迎接 Miss LK~)
Miss LK 的新產品真是美啊!我早就在 Etsy 看到美麗的兩位 Decay and Decadence 了,新的小碟小匙也好美啊~

敝人也剛把稅報完,把收入總加起來在帳面上真好看哩,而且本人又榮當一家之主了。但是為什麼我都沒看到真正的錢...(都是還沒到手就先繳國庫與家庫了 T_T)

Monica Yalan Chang said...

love love love your new baby!! I am a bit busy these days, Natasha's god mom is here for a month, we are running around Europe now! I am thinking about place an order for both doll and spone later:-)
You should move back to US! We have wonderful life here and not miss any single bit of Singapore :-)
Monica (Denmark)

Silvia said...


有碗話碗 Rice Bowl Tales said...

仕別三日,Miss LK 的日子原來忙得馬不停蹄,也懂得寓工作於娛樂,對生活與情趣的平衡,令人欣羨。只希望你們對於美國和星加坡的去留,也能作出同樣安然的取捨,祝福!

創造能力天才橫溢的你,每件產品都美麗可愛,難怪有新娘子訂購禮物。可喜可賀!祝 LK 品牌大展鴻圖,銷路蒸蒸日上!!

Miss LK said...

敝人這兩年當full-time mother, 雖美其名有物業收租並兼任設計顧問,租金左手進右手繳房貸,顧問費全投入創業所需,總帳沒出現赤字就要偷笑囉...

於搬遷,我的立場是如不能在今年小V上grade1前舉家回灣區,便多留守新加坡幾年深耕,短期旅居上海台北或美國其它城市這種看似多采多姿實際上無時無刻不受著不確定感煎熬的生活已經深深傷害my sanity :(

不過LK正處嫁雞隨雞mode, 既然另一半是夢想家,什麼是美夢什麼是惡夢,看來要有點創意和幽默去詮釋了(苦笑).

Miss LK said...


Touring Europe in spring... What a wonderful life! Have loads of fun with the girls :)

I actually like Singapore very much and of course San Francisco will always be home sweet home. Not so much attracted to Singapore's material wealth like most foreigners are, I respect the leadership's vision for the nation. My admiration for former P.M. Lee Kuan Yew has not changed after two rather trying years living in Singapore.

Glad you love my work and thank you so much for your continual support!

Miss LK said...


Miss LK said...

Oh Jane! 前陣子心情盪到谷底,去留到現在還無法做決定... 不過也認清楚,快樂發自內心,要先自立自強才行!
Creativity is a girl's best friend; creativity is my BFF :)

Anonymous said...

Dear LK,


Miss LK said...

我小時候對「男兒志在四方」這句話又愛又恨,喜歡的是懷抱志向的遠望,那種乘風飛翔的快意... 討厭的是為什麼設定男兒不是女兒呢?不過事在人為,我們一定可以的!

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