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Thursday, April 30, 2015

蔓藤之旅 For The Love of Rattan from Jakarta to Cirebon

Growing up in Asia and now living in the Bay Area, I thought I have seen the worst of traffic until I visited Jakarta this time... And then we had to get up 4 AM in the morning to catch a slow train to Cirebon.
The scenery along the journey was both melancholily rural and deserted industrial.
整趟印尼行時不時冒出二戰電影似的畫面,從飛機直駛閘門的停機坪到破落泥屋與水稻田... 深切感到政府貪污無能,人民可憐絕望.  印尼菜鹹辣也不大對味,除了晨起的雞粥稍能溫脾.

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