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Sunday, August 29, 2010

情人的擁抱 Perfect Chair for Perfect Soul

住舊金山時可用面積較廣, 加上有些年紀的建築怎麼看都挺有味道, 對椅子我還滿挑剔的, 坐起來ㄧ定要像情人的擁抱般舒服眷戀, 移居地狹人稠的亞洲, 這不成文規格自然成了過去式, 心頭的ㄧ把火澆不息, 腦筋動到doll house miniature...

When I saw this beautiful miniature set on Etsy from thornblossom, it was already sold. Researching its background left me pleasantly surprised, I did not know such wonderful eco craft already existed back in the 60's - they were made of cut and scrolled tin cans!
The LK formula goes like this…

1. Missing the opportunity to collect one of a kind something.
2. Going crazy on Etsy, ebay, or google any information she can find.
2. LK then starts to make something of her own :)

My first attempt, obviously a totally different method. I made the frame with thin wires and then upholstered it with muslin.
I am into vintage French crowns and tiaras these days so there it is… my hand painted throne :)
After the afternoon tea at the Tiffin Room Raffles, we strolled around the garden and spotted this splendid white cast iron chair. It just made me want to wear a big hat and a big skirt to sit on it or simply becoming a potted gardenia.
What comes after a throne? A queen!!! I recently met a talented doll artist Dorote of Lithuania from Etsy and was lucky enough to collect two of her magical creations. Here is the sneak preview of the first one… I will live frugally for the rest of the year but hey, August is my birth month. A queen deserves to invite a few royal guests to stay with her, right?


material girl said...

Miss LK 又有新的創作啦! ^o^ 這次的椅子怎麼讓我聯想起動畫驚悚片 the nightmare before christmas 跟 coraline... 上一篇做的 Marie 可以在這張椅子上喝下午茶! ^^

monika viktoria said...

PLease share!! How do I find Dorote's etsy site :-) Just to look, just to drool a little. The little doll drawing is the perfect touch for the outside.

Your little chair is sweet, I adore the little things you make, they're darling :-)

Miss LK said...

hi MG,

好眼力! Tim Burton正是敝人偶像呢! Marie的結構有缺失... ㄧ坐上去變滑下來ㄒ_ㄒ

hi monika,

Haha... I was going to blog about Dorote's art dolls when I receive my 2nd :) Her Etsy name is tireless artist and here's her blog:

Like you, Dorote designs beautiful packaging to go with her creation! Have fun!

Echo said...

在 Market street 上曾見過一個遊民/流浪藝術家 用 Coke 罐和紅絨布做出妳找尋的傢具 確實精巧 不過妳的椅子有另種 air of regality

唉 我和 monika 一樣迫不及待想一窺究竟 又怕看了妳的介紹口袋遭殃

Anonymous said...

so, that is it, you are busy with your new toys :-)
Looking forward to see your new stuff!

Monica (singapore)

Miss LK said...


唉!收集真會上癮呢 另一收穫是結交志趣相投的'娃友'


Busy with family and friends visiting, work, and filling the gaps in between with creative projects... I think I have found a way to cope with the hot weather here and learned to appreciate what life has to offer including my stay in Singapore :)

Anonymous said...

是的,與其坐在那抱怨(a lot of ppl do that, I was one of them before)還不如利用這難得的機會好好做一些一直 想做的事情。尤其小孩還小, 這段黃金時間一子就過了,他們很快就長大了,到時候就不要妳了!


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