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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

北國風情畫 Arctic Trio Ornament 123

誰說只有名媛貴婦等'塔裏的女人'才能舉辦慈善晚會? 勞動女性也可以很有風格的作公益! 近日較常於Etsy活動, 發覺ㄧ項有趣的設計徵選, 詳情請參考The Cool Mom Picks+Etsy Color-Your-Own Holiday Ornament Design Contest, 趕緊在截止期限前將LK沈睡森林中的幾隻小寵物喚醒, 派牠們參加慈善選秀, 獲選的話可以行善和替LKstudio提高知名度, 落選的話我則免費提供敝格讀者可下載pdf圖檔, 讓眾友和家中小朋友們親子佳節餘興, 也算皆大歡喜吧!

This my submission toThe Cool Mom Picks+Etsy Color-Your-Own Holiday Ornament Design Contest: The Arctic Trio! The collection consists of a penguin, a polar bear, and a reindeer decorated with snowflake motif. These paper creatures are easy to make, and can serve multiple functions as greeting cards, gift tags, ornaments, or palm size pets :) Have fun!

Step 1. Mise en place. Print the patterns on a letter size card stock.
請叫我亞洲的瑪莎史都華, 清廉版喔 :)

Step 2. Trim the square and fold in the center as precisely as possible.

Step 3. If you decide to fold the pattern in half first, then cut carefully following the silhouette - this method works for both the penguin and the polar bear as the designs are symmetrical. For the reindeer, please cut from the antler portion first following the silhouette and then fold along the spine after the entire silhouette is cut.

Step 4. Congrats! Now you have 3 animal shaped cards to write your greetings.

Step 5. Or continue with some embellishments with ribbons and tiny jingle bells.

Step 6. Let these playful creatures prancing on the Christmas tree or add them with a message to your gifts.

Happy Holidays!

**YEAH!  My polar bear got selected to be one of the eight winning ornaments for Holiday 2010 by Cool Mom Picks.   People can purchase the winning ornament collection PDFs for USD$3.00 at the Etsy shop - all proceeds going to Housing Works.**

ps. 此文的序語幽了無名氏先生ㄧ默, 因為實在忍受不了那個年代文藝青年澎湃的情感和虛無堆砌的形容辭, 到現在兩本書我都還沒讀過… 好像有些放肆.

pps. 我的北極熊設計獲選了! 和Eames風的馴鹿榮膺今年聖誕LK工作室的慈善大使 :)


bluedogrose said...

Very cute designs!

Miss LK said...

Welcome, Nakisha! I just checked out your blog - WOW, you little white rabbit is adorable!!!

I always have a soft spot for little furry friends :)

christina said...

Cute,indeed! 預祝得獎!!

Echo said...

They are lovely! 我也準備讓他們加入馴鹿的家

無名氏先生的兩本書 對白獨白確實“文藝”十足 只是與現實生活中的語言似乎脫節

Miss LK said...

LK先生出差回來 只買到Gold 沒買到同窗會 看來我和高橋克典緣慳一面:(

年少時在一位長輩的藏書中見識到無名氏的著作 翻了幾頁 腦海浮現中英雙字幕'饒了我'和'give me a break' 也許是我鑑賞能力太淺 this really is not my cup of tea!

我下次手繪一款小老鼠卡片 看看 minime會不會熱衷參與?

christina said...

怎麼沒買到 朋友在四平街夜市專門賣dvd的店買的 這部真的好看 不輸於Gold 我很喜歡 因為描述中年男女的心情

Miss LK said...

可不是 真是個辦事不牢靠的傢伙哪:p

Vigo Baby said...

Happy Holidays!!

material girl said...

恭喜獲選,看來我買的那隻馴鹿身為 LK Studio 的第一件作品,身價很快就會上漲了! :D

Miss LK said...

謝謝! 你的外甥和外甥女也大了 不然可以和阿姨同樂一番:)

這... 我可不敢打包票 :p
不過我準備每年聖誕出一組動物 多年後集成一套諾亞方舟;)

aileen ♥ motu said...

hi there! i just purchased the glittering reindeer from your shop! looking forward to receiving it! ^_^

Miss LK said...

Hi Aileen,

Thank you for adopting my reindeer! I will get it all wrapped up and send it out first thing Monday morning :)

ps. I wonder how Brownie and Sugar will react...

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