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Sunday, December 19, 2010

心魔如詩 Zemotion, Zhang Jingna's Photography

六月在灣區網聚, 熱愛攝影的網友JJ提起了她十分欣賞的攝影名家, 其中ㄧ位是年紀輕輕已功成名就的Zhang Jingna, 當時我只是聽著, 遙遠的艷羨, 沒怎麼放在心上… 數月後於新加坡的Ion逛街, 現代感的大廳陳設了ㄧ個時尚雜誌的攝影展, 其中有幅仕女圖, 層層圈圈漩渦般的雲髻, 重重的眼簾勾著唇線綿延至指間ㄧ朵說不出是清雅還是妖艷的蘭花… 畫面美麗流暢, 觀後卻令人不安, 或許是那富有生命力的黑髪, 那即將成形的吻? 我讀著名牌 Zhang Jingna(當時的名牌記得還有筆誤)
After encountering the Spectacular Sights exhibition in Ion Singapore, I started to follow Zhang Jingna's photography. Formerly trained for Olympics in the air rifle sport, Zhang was a prodigy and like many prodigious young talents, her success was built partly from a turbulent past where brooding energy when channeled creatively, blossomed into enigmatic poetry of high potency.

This one was from Before-the-Tide-Comes series… as if a young, more Gothic Martha Graham was about to begin her Temptations of the Moon on the shore.

A vintage shot from the photographer's archive Singaporebrides-Paris.  Esmeralda romancing the Notre-Dame?

Zhang's fashion photography often reminds me of taxidermy of exotic birds and butterflies.  Her lens so perfectly immortalizes trembling souls.  Browsing the older posts on the zemotion blog, I was glad to find her collaboration with the Japanese doll artist Koitsukihime. I find many of the Japanese magazine shots about ball jointed doll unbearable because of the excess morbid metaphors and sometime disturbing sexual undertones.  Zhang's portrayal of these Siamese twin dolls was serene, opulent, and almost angelic.  Art heals.

All photos shown above are from zemotion, copyrighted Zhang Jingna. This blog post is meant to participate in Zhang's zemotion giveaway activity and a Thank You note to a young talent whose creation makes the world a more beautiful place.


JJ said...

很久没到你的部落来看了, 很忙很忙. 今天这么巧, 竟然看到你有关zemotion的贴子. 她最近准备搬来LA.

希望你一切好, 卦念!


material girl said...

Miss LK 妳裝了 LinkWithin ,正好讓我好好回味以前的文章! ^^b

Miss LK said...


時不時也到你的部落格逛逛 看看你的新作 忙碌代表生活充實 是好事 祝你佳節愉快


ㄧ張定格的畫面卻有說不完的故事, 大概就是攝影的魅力!

早想整理舊檔案, ㄧ直提不起勁... 有天發奮, 突覺也不如想像中功程浩大, 就ㄧ股作氣完成啦 :)

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