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Monday, February 6, 2012

午后秘境 The Oasis Stamp Set

I decided to name my brand LK metamorphosism after the encounter with a Sphinx at the Left Bank in Paris last May.  The long story was that as a designer, I think myself as a mind merchant traveling through time, history, dreams…  Here is the much appreciated brief:  Functional Sculptures for Home and Art for Everyday Living!

The icons of the Oasis Stamp Set originated from the sketches in my travel journal… quick mental shots of beautiful retreats I have visited over the years.  Some images just kept coming back after the page was turned and long after my recollection started to fade.

Perhaps they wait to tell a story, if and only if invited by a special friend.
小小的印章組, 靈感來自旅行的幽然秘境. 長窗, 陽傘, 芭蕉, 竹椅… 誰曾任時光流逝於傘下窗前佇立?

'Oh yes, set the windows on this wall and please move the sunbrella just a foot to the right…' Sorry if I ignore your question… I am in the middle of building my Sanctum Sanctorum : )
圖章很奇妙, 鄭重壓下有打包票的意思. 我喜歡蓋印構思卡片, 比寫現成的卡片多費少少時間但增添些許手工樂趣和溫暖心意.

A creative desk is a messy desk but never without a logic.
視覺挑戰ㄧ. 將同樣的影像複刻在不同的材質上, 薄紙清晰纖弱, 厚紙吸彩溫厚包容, 棉布欲拒還迎的紋理深蘊著古樸.

Try viewing an image through the bottom of a wine glass… one might find a deserted shore at sunset or a crime scene, all depends on the libation.
視覺挑戰二. 透過光影看世界. 記得張愛玲的'傾城之戀'曾形容杯中暗褐的茶水茶葉如熱帶叢林… 來杯紅酒吧!

At last or at least, let these brain-teasers unleash the birds fluttering within. Let them take you away on a journey…
視覺挑戰三. 放手畫, 從著色開始!

Oasis 印章組
- 竹椅, 長窗, 芭蕉, 陽傘各ㄧ枚, 圖案複刻於我手繪旅行筆記 :)
- 棉繩帆布袋裝, 不附印泥
- 材質: 白楊木, 橡皮
- 設計於新加坡, 產地中國
- 售價: 美金$26.50
- 掛號郵資: 寄新加坡本地美金$2.50, 寄亞洲(日本除外)美金$5.50, 寄北美歐洲與日本美金$7.50
- 付款方式: Paypal(請先e-mail: 或者直接到Etsy LKstudio購買

Oasis Stamp Set by MissLK

  • 1st edition, limited 50 sets only.
  • Set of 4 rubber stamps(bamboo lounger, window, potted plant, sunbrella) base on my original sketches.
  • Designed in Singapore, Made in China.
  • Set packed in a drawstring canvas pouch.  Ink pad not included.
  • price USD$26.50


  • Singapore local USD$2.50, to Asia except Japan USD$5.50, to US, European nations, and Japan USD$7.50 via Singpost registered mail with a tracking number. 
  • Shipping discount is available for order more than 1 set.  I am happy to add a gift card/message free of charge if you want me to send to a 3rd party as a present :)

Payment: Paypal(please contact me first at or go directly to purchase from Etsy LKstudio


material girl said...

Miss LK 的印章充滿了南洋風情,想必是反映了旅居新加坡的所見所聞...
我家母親大人退休前曾經收集印章,當時身為國中教師常常自製好寶寶貼紙發給學生兌換獎品。可惜她已經退休了,不然這套印章一定非常好用。(也許現在可以改發好寶寶貼紙給我爸... :P)
不曉得可以點播 LK Studio 產品嗎?我是碗盤收集狂,請問 LK Studio 有沒有出碗盤的計畫? ^o^

V said...

Oh,完全附和material girl的建議,再加個flatware如何?我常在etsy找得頭暈!小學國中時期,還蠻流行收集印章的,幾年前曾買過WS的personal embosser,但已不知去向。:)

Silvia said...


有碗話碗 Rice Bowl Tales said...

很有意思的一套印章。我知道有一個女孩子會很喜歡的。( 小安麗 )可以用它們變化出不同的圖畫和故事,謝謝給予啟示。Email 已 sent 了給你 :)

Miss LK said...

小V和LK先生都不受教, 不然我也要蓋印自製好寶寶貼紙 :)

Oasis Stamp Set靈感來自我喜歡的旅館... Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Four Seasons Chiang Mai, Raffles Singapore...

有出陶碗的計劃喔! 正與清邁的工匠協商中, 因為其中ㄧ款量產始終達不到平穩水準... in the process of trouble shooting.

flatware也有... 不過目前只有tea spoon :) stay tuned.

我自己是印章收藏狂(WS的embosser用來蓋書章), 有老朋友來信訂購揶揄敝人only you can get away with calling stamps 'Functional Sculptures for Home and Art for Everyday Living'... LOL

Miss LK said...


大家都如此期待碗盤, 害我開始擔心... 我的設計蠻另類的, 可能推出時會嚇人ㄧ跳吧?


希望小安麗會喜歡... 也謝謝你再次選用我的設計as a gift to someone special in your life. This makes very happy and means a lot!

material girl said...

我也發現了 Miss LK 喜歡收集印章...

Miss LK said...

我喜歡收藏的怪玩意真是不少... 錢都燒在這兒哪!

那個橡皮印章網站好可愛!!! 而且還是格主自己刻的, 甘拜下風 :)

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