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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

加州日和 Vacation California

到埠個多星期, 找房買車探查學校忙得不可開交, 還好吾友MG收留我於她舒適家中, 否則這過渡期更難熬.  想想此次搬家不過是跨越太平洋(又不是烏江!), 腦細胞怎麼全軍覆沒?!  可見LK哪裏是做大事業的人, 唉... 塵埃落定安居前大抵寫不出好文章, 以幾張隨手拍問好 :)
The oldies with 'California' in the title are hardly happy songs.  Our relocation back to the San Francisco Bay Area resonates with a symbolic line from Eagles' famous tune:  "This could be Heaven or this could be Hell" :P  
Although my strange optimism might be a total rebound to the crazy real estate in the area, still I have decided to live every moment of my life as if I am to enjoy a vacation.  Yes, embrace me, my city by the bay!
For the past week and a half, I have been driving north, south, east, and west for viewings - Must admit that San Francisco is still the one tugging my heartstrings the hardest for its breathtaking sceneries and charming neighborhoods full of characters.  Because the decision is a family one, this time I will have to consider the peninsula or even the south bay.
Delighted to find that healthy Californian cuisine, fusion or not has only gotten better!  My new favorite for a quick bite is the gluten free Asian Box in Town&Country Village Palo Alto.  The Town&Country Village has evolved so much since my days as a student(or possibly the only thing I could afford at the time was Jamba Juice :P)
When having the leisure, might as well sit down at Cafe Renzo and daydream Gregory Peck stopping his Vespa to say hello…
Classic Nicoise salad and green juice pairing at Jane on Fillmore. This Jane is definitely not plain; from the refreshing drink, the gloriously simple yet tasty food to its impeccable interior design, that girl has it all.
Dr. C introduced me to Zazie in the Cole Valley. Under the heat lamps in the garden patio, I couldn't be happier to see my girlfriend  and to be reunited with San Francisco.
Thanking MG&S for accommodating our extended stay in their lovely home during house hunting, Mr. LK and I took our host&hostess to Madera(my entree was gnocchi with wild mushroom) at the Rosewood San Hill.  To our embarrassment, MG&S witnessed the biggest 'row' Mr. LK and I had over the subject of relocation.  The silver lining was however, it dawned on me that as much as we like to argue with the husbands, MG&I have both married our best friends :) Therefore this is to them, and to us - Lucky by Jason Mraz&Colbie Caillat
The smoked trout salad that I shared with a persistent yellow jacket at the Tootsies Stanford Barn… seriously that giant bee just would not leave my plate alone and I was very proud of my composure…
The lobby of my dream home… I was ready to withdraw the 'seed money'(I am the only investor) for building my business just so I could live there for a year in a historical building inside the national park with everything I love about San Francisco if Mr. LK did not intervene… Fine, now might not be the right timing but I will be there, one day, some day!  This is my theme song for the place: I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz

ps. What's that Jason Mraz fervor about?!  I have been on the road with radio playing day after day so it's either JM or the Twilight theme song 'A Thousand Years' by Christina Perri and since I am not a fan of teen romance with vampire(Wait, did the two break up in real life anyway?!  Plus 'I have died everyday waiting for you' sort of describes my feelings for my dream home...)


material girl said...

在此澄清,我原本以為我嫁的是位充滿異國情調有神秘吸引力的男人,不是要嫁給好朋友啊~(結果誤上賊船了,而且這男人的好朋友是 3C 而不是我...)
Miss LK 的找房買車之旅充滿美食以及(電視上的)帥哥,果然是個 nice vacation 啊。:D

Miss LK said...

可是... 西班牙的‘ㄧ'也還是阿拉伯數字1啊 :P

苦中作樂向來我最拿手... 等衣服烘好(話說, 我從房間盯著時刻表好久了怎麼還是18 minutes remaining?!)就要出門繼續看homes for sale(已經成習慣 :)

teri said...

Welcome back!

material girl said...

我就跟妳說我的烘衣機有 bug 啊!千萬不可以相信上面的數字....

Miss LK said...

Hi Teri,
If you ever come to San Francisco, please, we should get together and chat away about dolls!

我昨天最大的成就除了看完The Hounds of Baskerville就是babysit你家烘乾機了:)

Monica Yalan Chang said...

We are moving into our new house end of this month! Start to packing again!!!!

Rice Bowl Tales 有碗話碗 said...




Miss LK said...

謝謝你的加油, 我天天都得加不然就像老爺車, ㄧ遇路障就拋錨 :(

所以為了找房搬家吵架的夫妻不只LK先生和我, whew! 或許我太理想化了... I am so used to getting what I want as long as I work extremely hard... 現在是無論自己怎麼努力, 看的方向不ㄧ樣就沒法齊步走.

近來不只荒廢自己blog也缺乏閒情讀格友精采文章, 倍覺鬱悶, 我喜歡住在有故事的地方, 老ㄧ點舊ㄧ點遠ㄧ點貴ㄧ點都沒關係, 但能點燃心中ㄧ束火光, 但若是要在個十分business like的地點安居, just kill me now :(

christina said...

找房子真的很辛苦 前幾年想搬到別處 天氣比較溫暖的 兩次開車到ATlanta 每次待上一星期 然後就積極跟著realtor 看房子 後來又到Dallas 去了幾次 最後竟然連訂金都給了 也選好所有的建材等 最後一晚 卻覺得這城市的感覺不對 建商還很好 退回一筆不算小數的訂金

每個人對不同城市有著很不同的感受 直到你找到那個讓自己覺得舒服的城市 再來又要折磨著找到一棟 看到就想住進去的房子

一想到這邊 我就怕了 因為將來還是要去找一個退休的定居地 又要再這樣的經歷 所以你現在的感受 完全了解

Anonymous said...




Sue said...

Welcome back, Miss LK!在灣區買屋確實不容易,尤其是有學區的考量更是難上加難。我們當年的經验是出得起價的總是一些看不上眼的房子,如果兩樣都合適,那肯定不是在我們想要的區了!
Good luck on house hunting!


btw: 上周末到Villa Montalvo 爬山路過Saratoga的Rancho Bella Vista 路上有一間房子值得看。

Miss LK said...

沒錯! 無論是跟著錢走還是跟著感覺走都是ㄧ波三折, 怕怕...

在San Francisco看了ㄧ棟走進去我就好像與前世戀人重逢般激動, 但再三思量價錢後, 又在今生黯然分手... 窮小子與富家女的詛咒啊!!!

如果不用搬家, 看房子的確有趣, 每棟房子大門ㄧ敞, 有些角落訴說著關於主人的故事, 有些則娓娓道來關於房子自己的歷史 :)

豪宅和名牌ㄧ樣, 對某小眾是身份象徵, 對勞苦大眾則是負擔... 住豪宅得是貴婦, 勞動女性如我辛苦掙來'好宅'住就不錯啦 :)

我小時候由父母主宰ㄧ切, 好不容易長大獨立...竟要事事以孩子優先, 這像話嗎?!
SF學區分配滿奇怪的, 不知道政府都在幹啥? 窮人的孩子早當家, 我倒覺得逆境長大的孩子似乎較有出息哩 :)

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