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Saturday, August 24, 2013

夏末雜記 Parade's End

灩夏將盡,從剛開始一個人不知做什麼好到後來的自得其樂, 自由讓人嚴重上癮, 專心工作盡情享受, 週末睡到自然醒無需遷就丈夫和孩子的作息, 沈浸好書好電影美食世界… 同事們頻頻稱讚這些日子LK容光煥發, 可見對我這款名士派, 充實的精神生活便是美容良方:)  上週末欣賞了同名原作改編的Parade's End, 華麗憂傷, 為我的暑假劃下別緻的句點.

picture credit:  BBC

Summer is coming to an end and so is my temporary bachelorettehood.  I watched, cooked, read... relishing anything best enjoyed in solitude like there’s no tomorrow.  Yes, yes I caught up on all three seasons of Game of Thrones and decided that scheming violence, the explosion of testosterone, and the juxtaposition of King Arthur Medieval Europe with Sinbad the Sailor all too baffling(entertaining nevertheless).
Just when I thought I would be haunted by the brutality of the Red Wedding for a very long time, I came across the lush and profound Parade’s End; the stunning cast and its arresting acting diverted my attention from blood to brain in the sweeping five-part miniseries.

Parade's End佈局沈瀲柔緩, 幾個轉角卻又膽大心細埋伏波濤洶湧的爆點, 三角苦戀擔綱主角演繹精湛, Rebecca HallSylvia開到荼蘼, 絕艷也絕望, 於烽火戰地旅館對丈夫訴衷曲的那場戲, 是男人都會跪倒輕吻她纖纖指尖.  Benedict Cumberbatch的Christopher Tietjens是座孤軍堅守的圍城, 攻防之間寸寸崩壞.  Adelaide Clemens的Valentine略顯失色, 但她清甜勇敢,  如淡金色的陽光輕輕驅散流言濃霧. 

picture credit:  BBC

Although set in the same era with the First World War as its backdrop, Parade’s End is both sober and solemn, creating an entirely different cinemascape from the perfumed Downton Abbey.  The miniseries adaptation of the book speaks the love triangle of the principled aristocrat Christopher Tietjens, his sadistic alluring wife Sylvia, and his salvation, the bright young suffragette Valentine in the midst of the New breaching the Old when everything that a person once firmly believed in starting to shatter:  where and how does one to even pick up? Class satire and military absurdity mix with a vengeance in this ravishingly romantic melange of the heart breaking and the broken hearted. 
前些日子迷Hannibal, 下廚儘挑紅肉挑戰刀功火候.  微熱的傍晚準備傾心Parade's End,  後院現摘的無花果佐生火腿則是良伴. 

公司Sample Sale大家爭購Le Creuset, Staub… 眼見日本設計巨匠柳宗理沒人識貨, 我暗自欣喜抱回兩只鑄鐵鍋.

Rebecca Hall’s portrayal of Sylvia is sumptuous and touching.  Her delivery of the character is so powerful(and lovable) that makes one wonder:  How did such a ecstatic romance stab itself to a bloody ruin? Benedict Cumberbatch’s Christopher Tietjens and Adelaide Clemens' Valentine too make a picture perfect blonde couple, however their connections is incongruent; the former too wounded and the later too innocent.  Could innocence really heal wounds?  All Sylvia ever wanted was for her cerebral husband to love her simply, as a man would desire a woman, not because she is the mother of his child, and not because she is his wife.  She has her eyes on him and him only.  Christopher carries the duty and honor of the entire world on his shoulders(not a wise conviction for a very intelligent man…)  He soldiers on while the rest of the society falls apart.  He finds comradeship in Valentine.  I only wish the trueness of love has little to do with the amount of sufferings. 
Nambu Tekki煎出來的豬排鮮嫩多汁,  我覺得修長手指輕撫木柄的古典steak knife性感如porn.

I love the smile on Christopher's face when he recalled the 'glorious' moment.  The fervent chemistry between Cumberbatch and Hall makes me wonder:  If The Age of Innocence is ever to be adapted again, Cumberbatch and Hall would make an intriguing Newland Archer and Madame Olenska pair. 
picture credit:  BBC

這兩人站在ㄧ起風光絕妙, 忍不住想如果The Age of Innocence(純真年代)要重拍, Benedict Cumberbatch和Rebecca Hall會是極動人的Newland Archer和Madame Olenska(當年主演是Daniel-Day Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer) 

ps.  鳥思歸, 雖在臺北受萬千寵愛, 小V某次與我facetime後竟人小鬼大的宣佈: 想念媽咪, 是時候回美國了… 機場將孩子抱個滿懷, LK家的三人行, 比Tietjens幸福許多.

pps.  原來Parade's End影集名稱中文譯為'隊列之末'或'ㄧ戰往事', , 我可能會翻譯成'譽戀盡頭'(他的榮譽使命感, 她鬱結的苦戀... 都走向終極毀滅)? 翻譯還真是大學問 :)


material girl said...

原來妳已經看了 Parade's End!!!!! \^o^/
我想看好久啦! 據說是 Downton Abbey 的黑暗版, 女主角因為這個變得很紅耶, 而且男主角據說非常多內心的掙扎...
可是美國 DVD 一直都不出來! 原來現在終於出來了! ^o^

V said...

Parade's End...還未看DVD,先前書讀了一些。好像去年吧,PBS播了Birdsong,雖與原著有差別,但意境仍是親近,又是慢得美。(I am not a fan of Eddie Redmayne.)

Miss LK said...

老實說我不是BC迷,Sherlock影集中他對福爾摩斯的詮釋fashionably cool但總覺少了點除酷帥外的感動... Parade's End裏BC叫人心碎,是真實冷漠版的Downton Abbey.
從多年前欣賞Vicky Christina Barcelona就好喜歡Rebecca Hall! 她和BC有種催眠似的化學作用, 看Parade's End從頭到尾我都激動揮舞著Go Sylvia go的旗幟,希望愛怨交織的兩人終成眷屬!

Miss LK said...

FMF的文字不易讀,據說影集版Parade's End不完全忠於原著...
戰地情人這類題材原非我所好,無論什麼故事好像加上戰爭背景就會特別蕩氣迴腸,其實戰爭最為醜惡 :(
你対Birdsong描述頗吸引,趁我這波烽火兒女情英式狂熱尚未退燒也想找來! 對Eddie R印象不深,他是不是常在宮廷片演配角?

Rice Bowl Tales 有碗話碗 said...

真不相信你還有時間看戲,特別是劇集;我都不敢開始。像 V said, Birdsong 拍得很美很淒,Eddie R 演技雖然還欠了點甚麼,但在這劇集裏外型氣質都頗稱職。他就是在 movie Les Misérables 裏的 Marius, the one revolutionary character who comes from money - 他本人就是 Eton 和 Cambridge educated 的。

Miss LK said...

Don't you fret, Monsieur Marius, a little fall of rain...
原來是學院派氣質男星 :)
Les Miserables is my all time favorite! Musical版也好電影版也好,邊看邊唱和邊哭,故事幾乎每個角色都層次豐富,扣人心弦!
Ps. 我的歡樂單身暑假已結束,又回復蠟燭兩頭燒working mom生活 :(

Anonymous said...

不管是Hannibal或是Parade's End,似乎都呼喚出LK內心深處的靈魂.:D




Miss LK said...

Hannibal尼釆超人式自我實踐別具浪漫激情,反而Parade's End層層世俗枷鎖禮教吃人無奈淒然,的確兩者都喚醒心底深深省思。
鑄鐵鍋雖需多花點心思耐性保養,但愈用愈上手,刀子也是,武俠迷我開始想替它們取個小名,薔薇劍, 碧玉刀... :)

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