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Monday, May 4, 2015

市井新德里 The Best Exotic New Delhi

On our flight to New Delhi, a very chatty Singapore Airline steward kept cracking jokes to a cabin of weary travelers.  'Come on, it's New Delhi.  We made it!  I can spend like a king in the market.' he exclaimed theatrically in his Singlish.  I wanted to choke him.
I was humbled by what I saw in India often, the desolated ancient ruins, the intricate beyond belief craft, the sultry colors, the poverty stricken city patches... and people survived.

我喜歡香郁的印度香料奶茶, 亦入境隨俗於早餐時分嚐試當地烘餅佐鷹嘴豆泥, 常常豪邁的手抓喫食, 人會不會跟著隨興起來?  我本來就不是飯後攬鏡噘嘴塗艷紅唇膏的人才, 酒足飯飽傻笑兼打嗝頗自得其樂.
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