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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aries Tweedly Do

Sign: Aries

TRU-EX7 Tweedly Do released in Feburary 2005
Customized to have full opened BL eyes and matte face

An ardent fan of Agatha Christie, Agatha was an amateur chef.

She was very enthusiastic about cooking but any recipe with more than three sentences would make her fainted. She moved on to shake cocktails.

Agatha kept a library of apothecary jars and fascinating formulas like the Dream Catcher:

3 parts childhood memory

3 parts the taste of fresh strawberry

1 part letting go of the loss of your first pet

Shake well and let the magic take place.

重拾荒廢了一陣子的blythestrology! 關於Agatha的故事其實2007年就寫好了, 現在看來倒像預言… 1 part letting go of the loss of your first pet… Sapphire不是我第一隻寵物, 卻是我稍懂得如何當個有責任感的成年人後, 完完全全屬於我的第一位動物摯友, 椎心的痛漸漸淡化, 卻有說不出的遺憾, 或許我該照著自己的處方, 來杯夢幻調酒, 也許曾經遺失的會一一找回來?


Echo said...

I like Agatha's outfit, very classy.

遺失的不一定能拾回 還是再調一杯 "dream the dream onward"

Miss LK said...

可不就是看上了這淑女版福爾摩斯的古典套裝嘍! 我每喝調酒必頭痛實在沒用, 不過觀賞吧臺風景總是很有意思.

material girl said...

好可愛的 Agatha 啊!!
我很喜歡這一系列的文章喔, 非常有想像力... ^^b

Miss LK said...

很高興你喜歡這系列的故事, 洋娃娃像來自外星球的小王子, 總能激發狂想!

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