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Monday, August 25, 2008

Virgo All Gold In One

Sign: Virgo

BL 4 All Gold In One released in December 2001
Customized to have bright red lips and no eye shadows

Giselle was the identical twin sister of Goldie.

She was the freelance designer for Santa(toys), for Mother Nature
(snowflake and cloud shapes), and Subconsciousness(weaving

Giselle worked in a tree house filled with ultra sleek, brightly colored
cubes and bubbles.

Mantra: TLDM think less dream more.

Dream Escape: Becoming the master puppeteer and only performs
at the night of the full moon.


material girl said...

Miss LK 妳的娃娃都好漂亮喔! 而且 personality 的描述都很有想像力! ^_^ (我也好想看 tree house filled with colored bubbles and cubes...)

Miss LK said...

收集娃娃大概是我少數較女性化的嗜好吧! 這些風格鮮明的娃娃是一種自我的反射… alter ego?!

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