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Sunday, April 5, 2009

4/4 Aries Marguerite Duras

Marguerite Duras

French novelist, screenwriter, playwright and film director.

Miss LK's favorite Duras quote: "The woman is the home. that’s where she used to be, and that’s where she still is.  You might ask me, What if a man tries to be part of the home - will the woman let him? I answer yes. Because then he becomes one of the children."

莒哈絲的愛情總是時光倒錯的, 年輕時早熟, 垂死時有亞當尼斯般的青年守護, 終生未生子的她卻擁有十分母性的情感, 強烈的控制和佔有慾

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