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Friday, April 24, 2009

Taurus Lychee

Sign: Taurus

EBL 6 Hollywood released in March 2003
Customized to have mohair and special eye colors

Lychee loved cotton candies.

She was once in love with a clown who gave her a bouquet of rose made of colorful balloons. After she found out that the smiling face was permanent and there was nothing under the
tall hat besides wind-up mechanism, she left with a broken heart.

Music Theme: The Nutcracker

Dream Escape: Listening to chirping birds under Juliet’s balcony in Verona

總有一天, 我會將收藏或創作人偶做為終生志業, 為什麼不? 從小到大我始終未消減的熱愛一是美食二是洋娃娃, 能否將嗜好立業客觀判斷如下:

熱情有餘, 專業不足, 熱情之所鍾卻有一定的市場, 那就別貪心, 當個fan.
熱情有餘, 專業也夠, 但情有獨鍾之物卻小眾或根本無巿場須求可言, 嗜好只能是嗜好.
熱情, 專業, 巿場都具備的情勢下, 該適時挑戰自己!


Echo said...

You are one very talented artist! I've seen your sewing creations on earlier posts. Look forward to seeing more from you.

Funny we have the same animal felt book.

Miss LK said...

Thanks, Echo!
Felting is fun but definitely requires some patience :)

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