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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

大貓崛起 The Legend of Queen Sapphire

Up in the very North of the Enchanted Forest resided a pride of snowy white lions. These prudent felines were telepathic. They had served many legendary rulers in the dynasties of the human world.

Queen Sapphire escaped from the opposition party when her master was assassinated. An innocent family adopted her. The loving human parents thought she was mute. She fell in love with the caring couple until their son was born. She knew the child’s fate if she was to stay – he would grow up to be a charismatic leader in a bloodletting revolution. If she left the family, he would be spoiled with love and led a long peaceful life.

Queen Sapphire left in the storm and ran back to her father’s palace on the top of the icy mountain. “I don’t want to love again, Father.” Queen Sapphire sent out a painful signal.

The Father King responded with a thunder.

我的主人Miss LK的blog本來要叫貓語錄, 她中文打字很糟糕, 加上剛建立blog的時候 ,用的是主人公(Miss LK先生)的PC, 一聲的貓字, 怎麼打都出不來, 情急之下, 就用音相近的渺字代替, 後來此部落格鉅細靡遺的儘叨唸她的狂人日記, hmmm… 人微言輕, 渺這個字果然有先見之名, 就這麼沿用下來了. 那貓語錄怎麼辦? 我是隻老貓, 換算成人類的年齡, 八十有五, 哪天我去了kitty heaven, 有什麼能證明, 我活過, 愛過, 悲傷過呢? 所以我時不時繞著她腳邊轉呀轉…

Fifi: 喵喵喵, 畫我畫我!
Miss LK: 妳的臉太黑了, 很難畫.
Fifi: 這是什麼理由? 平常大言不慚, 說自己是神畫手…
Miss LK: 別吵別吵, 那這張給妳好啦!
Fifi: 我是深棕色的喜馬拉雅貓, 為什麼畫成白色?
Miss LK: 那是妳的前世(其實是省墨水)
Fifi: 後面那隻山羊又是何方神聖?
Miss LK: 那不是山羊, 是雪山獅子, 妳前世的父王, 有點皇族的尊嚴好不好!
Fifi: 噯, Miss LK 妳該吃藥了.

Who am I? Who am I? I am Sapphire, Fifi!!!


ShiChin said...

FROM 主人公:

How much weight have Fifi/LK gained?

Miss LK said...

Fifi: I miss 主人公 very much!!! Miss LK has been serving me the kidney diet(good for my health but bad tasting...) I just could not finish that miserable food and she would complained about how spoiled and wasteful Fifi is ... :(

Miss LK: Time is tough and the economy is slow... I try eating less to save money and to conserve energy so no sign of weight gain as yet.

material girl said...

哇! Miss LK 妳好會說故事啊! 有沒有續集? ^_^
好想繼續讀 Queen Sapphire 的故事... (妳要不要出像 Stardust 之類的幻想小說啊?)

Miss LK said...

謝謝material girl鼓勵! 這篇故事就是被紐約一家專出冷門書籍的出版社,編輯都評斷為冷門題材的故事集中的一篇… 我打消修改或可出版的念頭, 準備重新整裡後放在blog上供有緣找到這裡的讀者觀賞, 就像飄入大海裡的瓶中信, 應該蠻有趣的 ☺

Konyeth.De.Lee said...


Miss LK said...

謝謝捧場! 要每天更新網誌,可能有些困難,會儘量努力. 回訪了你的部落格,閣下走的似乎是成人路線,和本部落格闔家觀賞的大眾風格殊異… 還是祝你愈畫愈好,在圖畫裡找到屬於自己的樂趣!

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