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Friday, October 24, 2008

Scorpio Rouge Noir

Sign: Scorpio

EBL 5 Rouge Noir released in December 2002

Nicole was Coco Chanel meets Vivienne Westwood. Only she could pull off a super low cut little black dress with such grace. Her soft curls turned the punk red hair into low key sexiness.

She loved taking cooking classes at the Four Seasons Resort in Chiang Mai where she made spicy Thom Yum Gai with fresh bird’s eye chilli and chilled Tub Tim Krob with water chestnut rubies.

Theme Song: I’m A Stylish Girl

Dream Escape: Let “ meteorite” pop in the mouth at the end of the world restaurant El Bulli.

個性中性的我, 卻從小到大保有一項十分女性化的嗜好 --- 收集娃娃!!! 這麼說似乎有些性別歧視… 後來發覺很多娃娃達人是男生哩! 我並不欣賞現代Barbie, 太歡樂太美艷, Vintage Barbie飛俏的眼與翹唇的古典風韻倒讓我著迷好一陣子, 直到遇見了Blythe, 古靈精怪的大頭大眼, 我心中那個永遠長不大的女孩, 終於找到了玩伴!

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